Headlines for: 09-07-1999

JEWISH HOLY DAYS ACTING AS UFO BEACON? MODIIN, Israel (Wireless Flash) -- Is E.T. Jewish? No one knows, but an Israeli UFO researcher has unearthed a bizarre connection between alien sightings and Jewish holidays.

COUCH POTATO HEAVEN: NEW CHAIR HAS BUILT-IN BEER COOLER MONROE, Mich. (Wireless Flash) -- Want more proof Americans are the laziest people on Earth? An American company has just created the first recliner with a built-in beer cooler.

ITALIAN-AMERICAN GROUP PUTS A HIT ON `THE SOPRANOS' WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) -- An Italian-American activist group isn't singing the praises of the HBO series "The Sopranos." The National Italian American Foundation claims the popular

CINCINNATI BENGALS ODDS-ON FAVORITE TO FIRE COACH ST. JOHN'S, Antigua (Wireless Flash) -- Cincinnati Bengals coach Bruce Coslet may want to start saving his money because he could become the first coach to be fired this season.

CONTESTANTS FIND COLLARD GREEN EATING HARD TO SWALLOW AYDEN, N.C. (Wireless Flash) -- The folks in Ayden, North Carolina, may be a little green this weekend -- but it won't be from envy.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A new survey is cutting through the baloney over what kind of sandwich kids like best. According to Tupperware, 68 percent of kids prefer cold cuts while 41 percent

THINGS THAT WON'T SURVIVE THE MILLENNIUM FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. (Wireless Flash) -- Your life may be completely different in the next millennium -- for one thing, you won't be wearing parachute pants or reading "Archie" comics.

OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES: TRAVEL METHOD OF THE FUTURE? LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- In the future, you may be able to vacation in Acapulco without ever leaving home. That's according to out-of-body experience expert Dr. Nanci

CINDERELLA STORY: GARTH BROOKS PLUCKS CO-STAR FROM TV AD LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- There's a real Cinderella story behind the casting of Garth Brooks' upcoming TV special. It seems the country crooner spotted actress Maria Costa