Headlines for: 10-10-1999

WITCH CREATES SPELLS TO HEX YOUR EX NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Folks who want to wash that man -- or woman -- right out of their hair now have a little help from the world of witches.

DANNY DEVITO'S `TAXI' CHARACTER: GREATEST TV CHARACTER OF ALL TIME NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Who do you think is the most memorable TV character of all time? Well, according to "TV

NEW YEARS SLACKERS: HALF OF AMERICANS WILL RENT VIDEOS DEC. 31ST DALLAS (Wireless Flash) -- Forget fancy black-tie parties -- the real action this New Years Eve will probably be at your local video store.

GRANDPA MUNSTER TO HOST FIRST ONLINE PUMPKIN CARVING CONTEST NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Actor Al Lewis -- a.k.a. Grandpa Munster -- is tackling some real little monsters with his latest effort.

ALIENS TO LAND ON LOST CITY OF ATLANTIS IN 2001 EL CAJON, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- The aliens are coming and they'll be here in the year 2001. That's according to Charles Spiegel of the Unarius Academy

COMPANY CREATES GOLF BALLS WITH `BALD SPOTS' DENVER (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like bald really is beautiful -- at least when it comes to golf balls. A Denver-based company has created a line of golf balls with

EXPERTS PICK WEDDING GOWN FOR ALLY MCBEAL MYSTERY WEDDING ARDMORE, Pa. (Wireless Flash) -- The producers of "Ally McBeal" have promised a big wedding when the show opens its new season on October 25, but it's still a mystery who the bride will be.

`WIDE OPEN SPACES' SONGWRITER: `I ALMOST LOST THE LYRICS' AMARILLO, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- Believe it or not, the Dixie Chicks big hit "Wide Open Spaces" almost slipped through the cracks.

POPE JOHN PAUL II: AVANT-GARDE ACTOR THE VATICAN (Wireless Flash) -- If the pope hadn't found his calling in religion, he might have wound up acting opposite Marlon Brando.