Headlines for: 10-24-1999

SHOULD 2000 CENSUS COUNT VAMPIRES? LAKE GROVE, New York (Wireless Flash) -- Count Dracula will be happy to stand up and be counted for the year 2000 Census if a vampire researcher has his way.

DOES JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT LOVE WOMEN? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Jennifer Love Hewitt may have broken up with Carson Daly but it sounds like she may be willing to rebound with Salma Hayak or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Y2K SURVIVAL FOODS COULD HAVE `GAS-TLY' RESULTS OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Wireless Flash) -- If you're stocking up on dehydrated foods in fear of a Y2K calamity, you may be in for a gut wrenching experience.

STEREO-STOPPING SPOOK HAUNTING FRAT HOUSE CANTON, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- A ghost who hates rock 'n' roll is haunting a college fraternity house in Canton, New York. The brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma at St. Lawrence University

BILLY BARTY TURNS 75 STUDIO CITY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Billy Barty, the most famous little person in the world, is celebrating his 75th birthday today (Oct. 25).

NEW STUDY TESTING EFFECTS OF VIAGRA ON WOMEN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like women can get just as big a bang out of Viagra as men. That's according to New York University Medical Center

COLLEGE STUDENT'S CRAPPY HOBBY: `SLUDGING' THROUGH SEWERS PITTSBURGH (Wireless Flash) -- A college student in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has a hobby that can only be described as "crappy" -- he enjoys crawling through city sewers.

`AUSTIN POWERS' STAR CRAVES FERMENTED YAK MILK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Some actors are addicted to booze but not "Austin Powers'" star Michael York: his favorite beverage is fermented yak's milk.

BILLY RAY CYRUS: HIS RUMP GETS A WORKOUT TORONTO (Wireless Flash) -- Billy Ray Cyrus now has an achy breaky butt to go with his achy breaky heart. The painful posterior is the result of filming a fight scene

BOB BARKER BLAMES CHUCK NORRIS FOR RECENT HEART SURGERY NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Chuck Norris is taking a few hits from "Price Is Right" host Bob Barker: He's blaming the action- hero for his recent heart surgery.