Headlines for: 11-07-1999

CUT ME IN: BOBBITT'S SURGICAL PHOTOS ON AUCTION BLOCK NIAGARA FALLS, N Y. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's the latest in the John Wayne Bobbitt saga: photographs and mementos of his penile reattachment surgery are up for auction.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD CINCINNATI, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like the male chauvinist pig may be making a comeback. According to a new poll by Whitewater Cologne, 29 percent of men think cigar smoking

VIOLENT TV SHOWS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR KIDS CLEAR LAKE, Texas (Wireless Flash) Fans of the "V-chip" may not like it, but now comes word that watching television violence is actually healthy for children and adults.

MARY KAY LE TOURNEAU POSING FOR `PENTHOUSE'? LOS ANGELES Wireless Flash) -- Looks like Mary Kay LeTourneau -- the Seattle schoolteacher who had a baby fathered by a 13-year- old student -- wants to teach the readers of "Penthouse" magazine

WORLD'S LARGEST LIGHT BULB TO BE CONSTRUCTED CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash) -- A light bulb manufacturer has found a bright way to ring in the new millennium -- by constructing the world's largest light bulb.

MAN CHARGING $2 MILLION FOR GOLF COURSE PAINTINGS MINNEAPOLIS, Minn (Wireless Flash) -- A Minnesota man who paints pictures of imaginary golf courses hopes to get a "hole" lot of money for his collection: $2 million to be exact.

TURKEY HELP HOT-LINE REVEALS GOBBLER GOOF-UPS CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Would you try to cook a turkey that's been sitting in the freezer for 30 years? An Alabama man almost did.

JOHNNY RIVERS RETURNS TO HIS ROOTS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- `60s-era rocker Johnny Rivers hopes to prove it's possible to go home again. Next month, Rivers will be recording a new CD at the Whisky

APPLE JUICE MAKES BABIES CRANKY MIAMI (Wireless Flash) -- If you want to avoid having a cranky, smelly baby, don't give him or her apple juice before nap time. According to a new study by Miami Children's Hospital,