Headlines for: 02-02-2000

WILL MR. CLEAN COME CLEAN ABOUT GAY RUMORS? CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Mr. Clean may be coming clean about his sexual orientation. Next Monday, the 42-year-old chrome dome advertising icon

ASTROLOGY HURTING HILLARY'S SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Hillary Clinton may want to take a tip from Nancy Reagan and hire an astrologer for her New York Senate campaign.

60 PERCENT OF PARENTS HAVE SEX WITH BABY IN ROOM SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like many kids are getting their sex education REALLY early in life -- not even a month old.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- When it comes to sex, Pamela Lee is on top. That's according to a survey by Trojan Supra condoms, which ranks Lee as the top female celebrity men want to have sex

BILLY RAY CYRUS PUTS HIS CHEEKS UP IN CYBER KISSING BOOTH SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- If you've ever wanted to plant a smooch on country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, you have your chance.

GOING BANANAS! `SNL' HOST ONCE FRENCH-KISSED A CHIMP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- "Saturday Night Live" cast members may go bananas when they hear this: It seems this week's guest host, actor Alan Cumming, once French-kissed a chimpanzee.

ARCTIC EARTHLINGS TO SIMULATE LIFE ON MARS DEVON ISLAND, Canada (Wireless Flash) -- A group of scientists hopes to bring a little bit of Mars to planet Earth this summer. In July, scientists from NASA and the Mars Society will

LEAP YEAR BIRTHDAY CARDS TO LEAP INTO STORES KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- Folks born on February 29th may only get to celebrate their birthdays every four years -- but now they've got their own greeting cards.

GRAMMY-NOMINATED PRODUCER WANTS TO BE BOOTED OFFSTAGE SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Most stars hate being cut off in the middle of an acceptance speech -- but one Grammy nominee says he'd welcome a boot in his backside.