Headlines for: 04-03-2000

SUNSPOTS HEATING UP ELIAN GONZALEZ UNREST? WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) -- The heated battle over Elian Gonzalez may be linked to an increase in solar activity. According to political activist Carol Moore, research shows people

`SEX COURT' JUDGE LAYS DOWN THE LAW LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Judge Judy never had a case like this: A man sued his girlfriend for making obnoxious noises during sex. The case is scheduled to be heard on an upcoming episode of the

DAVID DUCHOVNY DOING `X-FILES' JUST FOR DOUGH LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- David Duchovny isn't exactly excited about doing any more "X-Files" episodes -- but he does get thrilled by his paycheck.

WHO WANTS AN EGGPLANT SHAPED LIKE AL GORE? CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash) -- Would you pay $20 for an eggplant shaped like Al Gore or George W. Bush? A man in Cincinnati hopes you will. Inventor Rich Tweddell creates plastic molds that shape veggies

ASTROLOGY LATEST TREND FOR GOLFERS ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Wireless Flash) -- Don't be surprised if Tiger Woods starts checking his horoscope every day -- it seems astrology is the latest tool golfers are using to improve their game.

MISS UNIVERSE TO GET CINDERELLA SLIPPERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about a Cinderella story: this year's Miss Universe will receive a custom-made pair of crystal slippers. Celebrity shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is creating the $10,000

`CHICKEN LITTLE' AWARDS SHELLED OUT TO DDT (EMBARGOED UNTIL APRIL 10) MAPLEWOOD, N.J. (Wireless Flash) -- A group called the National Anxiety Center has just released its annual Chicken Little Awards to honor what it calls "...scare-mongering that creates unnecessary public anxiety."

U.S. GAS PRICES NOTHING COMPARED TO HONG KONG ROCHESTER, Wis. (Wireless Flash) -- Think the gas prices in the U.S. are high? Try buying fuel in Hong Kong, where a gallon of gas goes for $5.24.

GLOBETROTTER BREAKS OWN WORLD RECORD IN DUNK INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Wireless Flash) -- How's this for a slam dunk: A Harlem Globetrotter has just set a new world's record for the highest dunk shot.