Headlines for: 04-10-2000

SEX TOY SALES ON THE RISE NORTHRIDGE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Looks like there's a bull market for sex toys: sales just keep climbing. According to sex toy manufacturer Phillip Berman, interest in

STUDY FINDS BODY ODOR SLOWS DOWN WORKOUTS WHEELING, W. Va. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's some news that really stinks: inhaling foul odors while working out can actually make you more fatigued.

CANDLE BURNING AT BOTH ENDS FOR ELIAN GONZALEZ ROSEBURG, Ore. (Wireless Flash) -- The candle is burning at both ends for Elian Gonzalez -- literally. According to an expert on candle magic, Elian's relatives in Cuba

WILL `THE SKULLS' AFFECT BUSH'S POPULARITY WITH VOTERS? CARDIFF, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- George W. Bush may have his campaign rattled by the new movie, "The Skulls." The flick is all about a secret society based on a real

GARTH BROOKS: REALLY CHRIS GAINES IN PAST LIFE? TAUNTON, England (Wireless Flash) -- The Chris Gaines character Garth Brooks created last year may actually be one of his past lives. At least that's the claim of a reincarnation researcher in

CELEBRITIES GET ODD TAX BREAKS CINCINNATI, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- Celebrities get all the breaks -- especially the tax kind. That's according to Cincinnati-based tax attorney Ed Lyon, who

NO POOPING OUT AT COW CHIP TOSS BEAVER, Oklahoma (Wireless Flash) -- This weekend, the tiny town of Beaver, Oklahoma, will play host to something called the World Cow Chip Throwing Championship.

NEBRASKA TOWN TO HOSE ITSELF DOWN ALLIANCE, Neb. (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about clean living: fire fighters will be hosing down a small Nebraska town next month as part of a spring cleaning effort.

COMPANY HOLDS MEETINGS ON ROLLER COASTERS NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A company is shaking things up in the boardroom by holding meetings aboard a roller coaster. The staff at North Hollywood-based LowerMyBills.com regularly