Headlines for: 07-12-2000

REAL SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET OF MTV'S REAL WORLD? NEW ORLEANS (Wireless Flash) -- The cast members of MTV's "Real World: New Orleans" must have had a real scream while making the show -- literally.

STRANGE CELEBRITY OBSESSIONS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Jennifer Lopez doesn't take any "sheet" from anyone -- she prefers to use her own. According to "Movieline" magazine, whenever Lopez stays

HBO TO JUMP INTO REALITY TV RING WITH STRIPPER SOAP OPERA NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Add HBO to the networks hopping on the reality TV bandwagon. Next month, the cable channel will debut a "stripper soap" documenting the lives of real

TRIANGLES EDGE OUT SAUCERS AS MOST REPORTED UFO STYLE CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (Wireless Flash) -- If you refer to UFOs as "flying saucers," you may be missing the point. It seems most UFOs seen these days are triangular in shape.

OSTRICH MEAT GOES TO THE DOGS TUCSON (Wireless Flash) -- Trendy yuppies aren't the only ones dining on ostrich meat these days -- their cats and dogs are too.

JFK JR. CRASH STILL AROUSING STRANGE THEORIES APTOS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Sunday (Jul. 16) marks the one-year anniversary of the day John F. Kennedy, Jr., crashed his plane off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.

MODERN-DAY ED WOOD MAKES `THE CHEAPEST MOVIE' SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Bad movie mogul Ed Wood may be long dead -- but one man is carrying on in his tradition.

TWO TURNTABLES AND A MILKSHAKE CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Wendy's fast food chain is looking for new musicians who know how to cut the mustard. The burger chain is holding a contest to find a new

ACTOR WORKS UP A SWEAT PLAYING MEAT LOAF LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Not everyone can sing like Meat Loaf, but the actor who plays him in an upcoming TV movie says sweating like the pop star is even more difficult.