Headlines for: 07-19-2000

VICTIMS OF CHRONIC FLATULENCE DEMAND RESPECT MELBOURNE, Australia (Wireless Flash) -- You may think flatulence is a gas but a group in Australia wants you to know farting isn't funny.

TACO BELL DOG: DOGGED BY UNEMPLOYMENT? MONROE, Wash. (Wireless Flash) -- The pooch who plays the Taco Bell Chihuahua has just been dumped from Taco Bell's ads -- but that doesn't mean the pooch will be dogged by

BUGS BUNNY 60TH B-DAY NO DRAG FOR CROSS DRESSERS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Bugs Bunny will turn 60 on July 26 and some cross dressers are especially excited by the anniversary.

SINGER JAMES DARREN SAYS GOODBYE TO FORMER HITS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Some entertainers don't mind singing their hits but former teen idol James Darren isn't one of them.

EROTIC ART GALLERY PRESENTS POLITICAL PORN LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- A Los Angeles art gallery specializing in erotica has come up with an unconventional way of saluting next month's Democratic National Convention:

SUMMER CAMP FOR KID E.T. ABDUCTEES SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- When E.T. phones home this summer, he may be calling from Santa Cruz, California. That's where a UFO researcher is holding the world's

SING-ALONG VERSION OF `MARY POPPINS' TO DEBUT HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) -- Fans of "Mary Poppins" take note: A sing-along version of the 1964 musical will soon debut in Hollywood.

TRY TO SURVIVE ON YOUR VERY OWN ISLAND COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Wireless Flash) -- The miserable experiences suffered by the castaways on "Survivor" isn't stopping a Danish website from offering folks a chance to win

LOOK, DON'T THUMP TO FIND RIPE MELONS VINCENNES, Ind. (Wireless Flash) -- If you're looking for a ripe watermelon in this sweltering summer heat, don't thump it -- just give it a long, lingering look.