Headlines for: 09-26-2000

MORE WIDE WAISTLINES NEEDED FOR `PANTS ACROSS AMERICA' COSTA MESA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A fund-raising group called "Pants Across America" says it needs more donations of extra-large pants to complete its goal of stitching a giant

DAVY JONES: `I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR MANSON MONKEES MYTH' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- "Monkees" singer Davy Jones is slamming the lid on a rumor that's bothered him for years: namely that Charles Manson auditioned for a part in the pop

CASUAL FRIDAY, MEET YOUR ENEMY: `DRESS-UP THURSDAY' ALBANY, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- There's a new war in the workplace and it's all about clothes. In response to "Casual Fridays," a group of men's

CAN SLEEPING HORIZONTALLY CAUSE GLAUCOMA? HILO, Hawaii (Wireless Flash) -- Here's some eye-popping news: Sleeping horizontally can cause glaucoma. That's according to medical anthropologist Sydney Singer

`FAMILY TIES' STAR COMPLETES FIRST ROCK ALBUM LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Actress Tina Yothers -- a.k.a. "Jennifer Keaton" from "Family Ties" -- is changing her tune from acting to music.

STEPHEN KING'S `THINNER' BECOMES A REALITY CHALFONT, Penn. (Wireless Flash) -- Reality has taken a page out of Stephen King's fiction with the death of the man who almost killed him last summer.

PATRONS OF HAUNTED HOUSE WET PANTS FROM FEAR NEW ORLEANS (Wireless Flash) -- It's not uncommon for folks going to haunted houses to scream -- but what about wetting themselves?

WIRELESS FLASH NEWS BRIEFS CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Dennis Miller's highbrow brand of football commentary isn't translating with some fans. Britannica.com has just announced plans to do a weekly column

FATHER OF PSYCHOANALYSIS WASN'T MUCH OF A FATHER Los Angeles (Wireless Flash) -- Would you believe that sex- obsessed Sigmund Freud couldn't even talk about sex with his own children?