Headlines for: 10-03-2000

60-YEAR-OLD X-RATED ACTOR STILL HITS THE SHEETS SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- A man who claims the be the oldest active male porn star in the business is still heating up the sheets at age 60.

WHICH SIMPSON MURDERED NICOLE? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- It's a case of good news/bad news for O.J. Simpson. A controversial new BBC documentary scheduled to air

CELEBRITY MASSEUSE: `STING HAS THE BEST BUTT' BERLIN (Wireless Flash) -- Rock star Sting has a rear end that's to die for. That's the word from a celebrity masseuse based in Berlin who goes by the name "Dr. Dot."

MARILYN MONROE'S FALSIES TO GO ON AUCTION BLOCK DALLAS (Wireless Flash) -- You may titter like a boob at this news: A pair of Marilyn Monroe's falsies is going on the auction block.

OCTOBER 5 IS MOST POPULAR BIRTH DATE BEVERLY HILLS, CA (Wireless Flash) -- A new study reveals more Americans celebrate their birthday on October 5 -- and one sex therapist says New Year's Eve is the reason why.

PARTY ANIMALS IN THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON, D.C. (Wireless Flash) -- The White House may not be as wild as a frat house -- but that isn't for a lack of trying.

13 PERCENT OF AMERICANS SLEEP IN THE NUDE CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- When it comes to sleeping, the naked truth is, most Americans don't sleep in the nude. According to a sleep survey by Serta Mattresses, only 13

WOMAN CREATES DOGGY ICE CREAM PARLOR GAINESVILLE, Florida (Wireless Flash) -- It's a cool time to be a dog in Gainesville, Florida, where a woman has created the world's first ice cream parlor for pooches.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS OWINGS MILLS, Md (Wireless Flash) -- "It's enormous, it's very thick and it's very big." No, it's not an ad for a new gay porn movie. It's how Beatles producer George Martin