Headlines for: 10-22-2000

WOMEN PROTEST BUSH'S BAN ON SEX TOY INDUSTRY BERKELEY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A female-owned sex toy shop is organizing a mass protest of George W. Bush because of restrictive sex toy laws in Texas.

PLASTIC SURGEONS WANT AL GORE TO GET NOSE JOB NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Some plastic surgeons are sticking their noses in Al Gore's face -- and don't like what they see.

YANKEES SCORE MORE POINTS THAN METS WITH COLLECTORS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- No matter who wins the World Series, the New York Yankees still score higher with memorabilia collectors than the Mets.

BOB BARKER: `GAME SHOWS IMPROVE RACE RELATIONS' CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- You probably associate Bob Barker with "The Price Is Right" more than civil rights, but the 76-year-old TV celebrity will be discussing the

U.S. TO CONTROL MIDDLE EAST WEATHER? MINNEAPOLIS (Wireless Flash) -- If the situation in the Middle East gets any stormier, the U.S. may cool things off with a massive flood.

MOLLY SHANNON: `NEVER MENTION STUDENT LOANS ON TV' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Molly Shannon has some advice for anyone with outstanding student loans: Don't mention it on national TV.

CAMERON DIAZ: HAPPY TO SHOW OFF REAR END NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu weren't afraid of making asses out of themselves while filming the new "Charlie's Angels" flick -- in fact, they

`BIG BOPPER' WOULD HAVE BEEN 70 (OCT. 24) KATY, Tex. (Wireless Flash) -- Tomorrow (Oct. 24) is a good day to wear "Chantilly Lace" -- it's the 70th anniversary of the Big Bopper's birth.

33 PERCENT OF AMERICANS WANT A PARTY ANIMAL PREZ CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash) -- The next president of the United Sttaes will turn the White House into "Animal House" if some Americans have their way.