Headlines for: 10-25-2000

CAST OF BIGFOOT BUTT CASTS NEW LIGHT ON SASQUATCH PORTLAND, Ore. (Wireless Flash) -- A plaster cast of what supposedly is the buttocks of a Bigfoot-like creature is under investigation in the Pacific Northwest.

9 PERCENT OF GRANDPAS ADMIT TO KINKY SEX HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) -- You may never look at your grandpa the same way again: Almost one out of 10 old men say they've had gay sex.

VEGETARIAN PRISONERS TO GET SPECIAL MEALS Washington (Wireless Flash) -- Vegetarian prisoners will be eating high on the hog thanks to one meat-hating convict. Pennsylvania prisoner Keith Maydak -- who's doing time

ARE GIANT ALIENS BEHIND MIDDLE EAST UNREST? MODIIN, Israel (Wireless Flash) -- An Israeli UFO researcher claims there's a paranormal connection to the current turmoil in the holy land.

CASPER TURNS 60 (OCT. 30) LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Monday will mark a spirited anniversary: Casper the Friendly Ghost will turn 60. On October 30, 1940, Casper officially debuted in a

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Women aren't just faking it in the bedroom if a new survey is any indication. According to a poll by Celebrations chocolates, 76 percent of women admit

HAUNTED PLANE TO FLY OVER BERMUDA TRIANGLE ON HALLOWEEN MIAMI, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Thirty-two people say they will tempt their fates this Halloween by taking a "haunted plane ride" over the Bermuda Triangle.

TRICK-OR-TREAT RAGE ON THE RAMPAGE CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- There's a new syndrome on the horizon for candy-crazed kids: "Trick-or-Treat Rage." According to Chicago-based nutrition counselor Linaya

CARTOON VOICE ACTRESS BEFRIENDED BY SQUEAKY FROMME? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Actors who portray real people should be careful about getting too close to their subjects.

CORRECTION: In an October 25 story headlined "Candidates' Hip-Hop Alter Egos," an incomplete phone number appeared in the contact line. The complete number is (212) 682-7700, ext. 319.