Headlines for: 11-01-2000

80-YEAR-OLD GENETICIST CREATES DNA RAP TUNES LAKE WORTH, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Rap isn't just for young folks anymore: Now an 80-year-old geneticist has created something called "professa rap."

POLITICAL PUNCHING BAGS CHICO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Ever wished you could sock it to Al Gore or George W. Bush? An entrepreneur in Chico, California, is giving people

WILL MARILYN MANSON ENDORSEMENT ROCK THE VOTE? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a celebrity endorsement that could rock the election: Shock rocker Marilyn Manson has switched his allegiance from George W.

`SEINFELD'S UNCLE LEO: A HIT WITH THE LADIES BURBANK, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Forget Tim Meadows: The real ladies man may be the guy who played Jerry Seinfeld's "Uncle Leo" on the TV show "Seinfeld."

KIDS DEMANDING LONGER RECESSES NORWALK, Conn. (Wireless Flash) -- Forget about social security. American kids say there's a more pressing issue: short school recesses.

DRY-HEAVING DREW TICKLES TOM'S FANCY NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Drew Barrymore's method of seducing fiancee Tom Green probably won't work for everyone: She dry-heaved a chocolate truffle on their first date.

PACHYDERM TO PARTICIPATE IN PRESIDENTIAL STRAW POLL CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about making hay: Tomorrow (Nov. 3) in Chicago, an elephant named Susan will attempt to "chews" the winner of Tuesday's presidential election.

WIRELESS FLASH NEWS BRIEFS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Singer Chris Isaak may not be a nice guy, but he plays one on TV. Isaak will play himself in the upcoming Showtime series "The Chris Isaak Show" and says

TALK-LINE LENDS A WING TO TURKEY CRISES DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (Wireless Flash) -- Can the stresses of Thanksgiving Day cooking cause a pregnant women to go into labor?