Headlines for: 01-04-2001

KATE HUDSON AND CHRIS ROBINSON FACING TROUBLE? SAN ANSCLMO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Celebrity newlyweds Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson just have to face the facts -- they aren't compatible in the bedroom.

MODERN BATHROOMS CREATE BAD LUCK MUMBAI, India (Wireless Flash) -- The layout of your bathroom could be causing your luck to go right down the drain. That's according to Rohit Arya, an expert in "vaastu,"

NEXT 12 YEARS FULL OF DISASTER? TAOS, N.M. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's some explosive news: The next 12 years will be rife with natural disasters. It seems native American prophets are predicting an

GROCERY STORE CHAIN BAGGED FOR TERMINATING TRANSVESTITE JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- The one-year anniversary of the firing of a transvestite truck driver may be bad news for a major grocery chain.

GERMAN PHYSICIST BECOMES BERLIN'S BUDDY HOLLY BERLIN (Wireless Flash) -- The newest musical fad could be "rhineland rock" if a German physicist-turned-musician has his way.

JESSE JACKSON'S SHOCKING SECRET NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- The Reverend Jesse Jackson is sucking it up and revealing a shocking family secret: His son loves to vacuum rugs.

`HANNIBAL' FILM GRISLIER THAN `SILENCE' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Film fans probably won't be silent when "Hannibal," the sequel to "Silence Of The Lambs," opens next month.

DUMBEST DECORATING TRENDS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Some interior decorating ideas are best left on the drawing board instead of the drawing room.

SNOWSHOEING GAINING TOEHOLD AS SPORT STOWE, Vt. (Wireless Flash) -- Snowboarding is taking a back seat to snowshoeing. Experts say there are now more than four million