Headlines for: 01-11-2001

BRITNEY COULD BE OSCAR-BOUND AFTER MR. BLACKWELL `BLESSING' LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Could Britney Spears landing the top slot on Mr. Blackwell's "Worst Dressed" list be a sign she'll become an Oscar-winning actress within the next

COMPUTER NERD STRUGGLES TO GET $4000 DATE MONTGOMERY, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- Suppose someone was willing to pay you $4000 to go on a date -- but your high- school principal refused to help you get in contact with

PSYCHOTHERAPIST PREDICTS INCREASE IN DESK RAGE LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- If any of your co-workers fly off the handle easily, you might want to avoid ticking them off for the next month or so.

`CHICO AND THE MAN' MARATHON NO JOKE FOR FREDDIE PRINZE, JR. BEVERLY HILL, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- An upcoming "Chico And The Man" marathon may not be a laughing matter for actor Freddie Prinze, Jr.

NEW MAYTAG REPAIRMAN GETS OMEN BY CLEANING OUT LINT NEWTON, Iowa (Wireless Flash) -- Cleaning out the lint from your clothes dryer might not seem lucky to you but it was a good omen for actor Mark Devine.

KOREAN TOURISTS OFFERED TOILET TOUR SEOUL, Korea (Wireless Flash) -- Tourists who visit Korea are anything but down in the dumps about a new toilet tour in the capital city of Seoul.

WORLD'S FIRST FASHION SHOW FOR BATHROOM SCALES CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- The scales of fashion will be tipped this Sunday (Jan. 14) when the world's first fashion show for bathroom scales takes place in Chicago.

JANIS JOPLIN LOVE LETTERS TO GO ON AUCTION BLOCK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Janis Joplin once sang "Take A Little Piece Of My Heart" and now fans will actually be able to take her up on that -- in the form of some lost love

SHARON STONE TO PLAY LANA TURNER? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- If Madonna can revive her acting career playing Evita Peron, maybe Sharon Stone can do it playing Lana Turner.