Headlines for: 01-22-2001

MAN OFFERS JANET RENO $500 GRAND TO POSE NUDE BOISE, Idaho (Wireless Flash) -- You might not want to see naked photos of former Attorney General Janet Reno but one man in Boise, Idaho, sure does.

JENNA LEWIS ON NEW SURVIVORS: `THEY'RE HARDBODIES' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Jenna Lewis had one of the most ogled bodies on the first season of "Survivor -- but she admits the current crop of Survivors has her beat in the

POT SMOKERS GET THEIR OWN `SURVIVOR': `CANNABIS CASTAWAYS' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Pot-smokers are about to get their own version of Survivor: A weekly webshow called Cannabis Castaways which will feature six potheads living

JANUARY 28 DECLARED `INTERNET FREE DAY' LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- A holiday encouraging net heads to take a day off from the internet has just been declared -- but ironically the internet free holiday was created by a

BILL COSBY URGES UTAH TO DECLARE JELLO OFFICIAL STATE FOOD SALT LAKE CITY (Wireless Flash) -- Bill Cosby plans to give Utah legislators some food for thought: He wants the state to declare Jello as Utah's official snack.

KC STILL A `BOOGIE MAN' MIAMI (Wireless Flash) -- KC of KC And The Sunshine Band wants you to know he's still your "Boogie Man" -- despite the fact he's about to turn 50.

PETE MITCHELL: SEXIEST MAN IN THE SUPER BOWL NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Even if New York Giants tight end Pete Mitchell doesn't get a touchdown during Sunday's Super Bowl, he'll be able to score after the game with female

JULIETTE LEWIS LIGHTS FIRE OF SMOKING FETISHISTS EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Wireless Flash) -- Juliette Lewis has a smoking reputation among men who get turned on by seeing ladies smoke cigarettes.

SQUIRREL ACTORS DRIVE TRAINER NUTS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Working with squirrel actors can drive an animal trainer nuts. That's what trainer Karen McElhatton discovered while