Headlines for: 05-03-2001

MAN CREATES MATCHES FOR THE BATHROOM COSTA MESA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – It sounds like a bunch of hot air but a businessman from Huntington Beach, California, has just released the world’s first matches designed to reduce flatulent odors.

GRANNY TO GO ONLINE FOR HEART OPERATION PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) – Here’s some heart warming news: A 74- year-old great grandmother has agreed to have her open-heart surgery broadcast over the internet to raise money for other heart patients.

WHITE CLOWN MAKE-UP GETS WOMEN RED HOT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Guys, if you want things to get red hot with a woman, try wearing white clown make-up. That’s the advice of a New York-based man named Gandalf the Wizard

ROLLER COASTER ENTHUSIASTS GEARING UP FOR CONFERENCE BRANSON, Mo. (Wireless Flash) – Some folks are addicted to nicotine and others to heroin but a Pittsburgh man has an even stranger vice: roller coasters.

DREAMS OF PECKING BIRDS MEANS UNHAPPINESS IN LOVE LIFE LONDON (Wireless Flash) – It may sound bird-brained but dreaming about birds reveals a lot about your sex life while you’re awake. According to London-based dream expert Dr. Pam Spurr, if you dream about

TEACHER WANTS RECOGNITION AS PRINCESS DI’S AUNT SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – A California English teacher is feeling like a candle in the wind after Britain’s royal family has refused to recognize her as Princess Diana’s aunt.

HARRY POTTER VIDEO GAME GETS J.K. ROWLING’S APPROVAL NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – J.K. Rowling is breathing a sigh of relief over an upcoming Harry Potter video game, which is based on her best selling books.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Gervase Peterson from Survivor 1 is going from a desert island to the soaps. He’s cleaning up his act to appear on the CBS soap opera As The World Turns. Peterson makes

NEW UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ATTRACTION TO BE UNWRAPPED HOLLYWOOD, Calif (Wireless Flash) – Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood plans to honor the debut of The Mummy Returns by unwrapping a new attraction – literally.