Headlines for: 06-12-2001

RARE JIMI HENDRIX RECORDING ON AUCTION BLOCK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – This could be music to the ears of Jimi Hendrix fans: A rare recording of the rock legend playing funk is on the auction block.

‘RUBY, DON’T TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWN’ HITS 3 MILLION MARK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Country singer Mel Tillis has reason to smile: His 1966 composition “Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love To Town)” has just passed the 3 million performance mark.

CELEBRITIES WITH BIZARRE MUSICAL TASTES LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Can we talk about Joan Rivers’ musical taste? Believe it or not, she just loves Eminem. That’s according to Michael Friedman, author of the new book Star

BUSH’S COWBOY BOOTS COULD KICK UP INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT BRUSSELS, Belgium (Wireless Flash) – President Bush is scheduled to meet European Union officials in Belgium today – but if he’s smart, he’ll leave his cowboy boots on Air Force One.

GO AHEAD, MAKE MY DAD ATLANTA (Wireless Flash) – Maybe Clint Eastwood’s famous line should be changed to “Go ahead, make my dad.” According to a new poll by Priority Club Worldwide, 50 percent of people

RIOT VIDEOGAME HAS ANARCHISTS UP IN ARMS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – A soon-to-be released video game which mimics Seattle’s 1999 World Trade Organization riots has anarchists up in arms.

SEATTLE STEAKHOUSE HAS BEEF WITH ICHIRO SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) – The Seattle Mariners’ newest star, right fielder Ichiro Suzuki, is helping more than his team – he’s responsible for a huge increase in Japanese tourism.

POP STARS CONFESS THEIR SECRET CRUSHES NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Justin Timberlake may be dating Britney Spears right now – but there was a time he wanted to get cozy with Alyssa Milano.

SOAP STAR SAYS SOAP PLOTS ARE HARD TO FOLLOW LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Confused by the labyrinth plots of soap operas? You’re not alone. Some soap stars can’t even tell what’s happening.