HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) – Former 90210 star Brian Austin Green is dropping his middle name. He now wants people to call him simply “Brian Green.” Brian claims “Austin” was a fake name which he added to avoid confusion with another actor named Brian Green.

LOS ANGELES – A.I. star Haley Joel Osment is lucky Steven Spielberg directed the flick instead of original helmsman Stanley Kubrick. It seems the late director had planned to use an actual robot, not an actor, in the role that eventually went to Osment.

PARIS – Priests get wedding bell blues too: French bishop Michel Dubost is urging Roman Catholics to choose any other month besides June to get married because the demand for June weddings is overwhelming priests around the globe.

BERLIN – A German truck driver was rushed into a Berlin emergency room earlier this week with a 31-inch spear stuck in his rear end. He claims the pointed tip plunged two inches into his butt when he bent over and accidentally pushed up against it.

WASHINGTON – “Lord of the Dance” Michael Flatley is getting a leg up on his competition: He’s insured his trotters for $50 million – or $5 million per toe.

PARIS – Actor Robert DeNiro will be in Paris, France, this Friday to open a new eatery for his Japanese restaurant chain, Nobu. DeNiro already has 12 other branches in spots like London, Milan and Los Angeles.

DARWIN, Australia – An Australian dog is under suspicion of arson after it dragged a burning log from an unattended camp fire to the veranda of his masters home. Police say the fire damage was minimal.

NEW YORK – You may think England’s Queen Elizabeth is rich – but her wealth is nothing compared to the queen of the Netherlands. According to Forbes magazine, Queen Beatrix’s fortune tops $3.2 billion, compared to Queen Elizabeth’s puny $420 million.

HOLLYWOOD – Trouble-prone child star Brad Renfro is mellowing out. The 19 year old, who’s been busted for drugs and boat theft in recent years, says he’s “over” the party scene and now spends his days playing golf. “I’m like an old man,” he claims.

ELTVILLE, Germany – First a crocodile was spotted in New York’s Central Park – now one has been sighted in Germany’s Rhine river. German police have mounted a helicopter patrol of the river following several eyewitness reports of a large croc.