WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) – Some outer space visitors will be dropping in on today’s Fourth of July festivities in Washington. Two NASA astronauts will be beaming down a birthday message to the USA from their orbit more than 200 miles above earth.

ATLANTA – Wedding bells won’t be ringing for TLC singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and her football star boyfriend anytime soon. A spokesman for the singer says contrary to press reports, the couple won’t be getting hitched in Atlanta tomorrow (Jul. 5).

LONDON – Here’s proof Princess Diana won’t be forgotten anytime soon: British flower lovers are planning to build the world’s largest rose garden in her honor in a suburb outside of London.

DETROIT – An 11-year-old boy has filed a $1 million lawsuit against McDonalds claiming he bit into a maggot infested cheeseburger in his Detroit home. McDonalds calls the claim questionable.

LOS ANGELES – Steven Seagal – singer? The pony-tailed action star has just announced he will be performing his own music at an upcoming benefit show in Jamaica. Seagal claims he and his band will give “...a shocking performance.”

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – Guess who just received an award for getting 3 million radio plays? That’s right, the Guess Who. The band’s 1969 hit, “These Eyes,” was just honored for the achievement by BMI and it’s good timing: The band has just reunited and will be touring the U.S. starting in the fall.

LONDON – Talk about history repeating itself: On Monday, an oft-married British history buff wed his sixth wife while dressed like Henry VIII – who also had six wives. 64-year-old Keith Chesterfield says he donned the medieval outfit at the request of his 33-year-old bride.

WASHINGTON – Beer companies will be drinking in profits today (Jul. 4) because nearly 8 percent of America’s annual beer consumption happens on the Fourth of July.

GLENDALE, Calif. – Vanilla is the cream of the crop where ice cream is concerned. According to a new survey by Baskin Robbins, vanilla is still the most popular flavor followed by chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan and rocky road.

NASHVILLE – Country music songwriter Johnny Russell died yesterday (Jul. 3) of diabetes. He was 61. Russell’s best-known song was “Act Naturally,” which was covered by both the Beatles and Buck Owens.