TORONTO (Wireless Flash) – A Canadian tire manufacturer has lost its battle to acquire the domain name “crappytire.com.” Canadian Tire claimed trademark rights to the name because many Canadians refer to the company as “Crappy Tire.”

NEW YORK – Harrison Ford is picking up his whip again to star as Indiana Jones. The New York Post reports Paramount Pictures is all set to bring back the action star for a fourth installment of the adventure film series. By the way, the action hero hunk is now pushing 60.

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The Brazilian model who had Mick Jagger’s love child two years ago wants to add another baby to her brood but, this time, Luciana Gimenez Morad says she’ll go to a sperm bank for conception, not a rock star.

LORICA, Columbia – A Columbian man must be thanking his lucky stars after surviving a below-the-belt attack from a poisonous snake. 63-year-old Victor Sena was relieving himself in a field when a lethal Mapana-tigre snake bit him on his penis.

NEW YORK – Sexy Heather Graham, who played the roller-skating porn star in Boogie Nights, admits the role has made her embarrassed to roller-skate in public. Graham tells the upcoming Glamour magazine that she still owns the skates she wore in the film, but won’t use them because she feels dumb skating in public.

MANILA – Here’s proof you can clean up in politics: the Philippine President is considering putting her name on a brand of laundry detergent. The soap would be known as “Gloria Laundrywoman,” after President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, whose grandmother once worked as laundrywoman.

BROOKLINE, Mass. – A health food guru who was the author of The Macrobiotic Cancer Prevention Cookbook has died of cancer. Food pioneer Aveline Kushi passed away from cancer of the cervix earlier this week at the age of 78.

NEW ORLEANS – R & B singer Ernie K-Doe, who hit No. 1 in 1961 with “Mother-In-Law,” died yesterday in New Orleans. He was 65. He found the ditty while combing through songwriter Allen Toussaint’s wastebasket.

NEW ORLEANS – Nearly 10,000 New Orleans residents will attempt to cha-cha into the record books tonight for group-line dancing. The previous record is 6,275 people.

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – What kind of community service will Eminem do for his handgun charges? The Intertops.com gambling website is giving 3 to 2 odds he’ll do a charity concert; 4 to 1 he’ll teach kids rapping; and 50 to 1 odds he will sweep a highway.