ADELAIDE (Wireless Flash) – Australian scientists say they may soon be able to fertilize female eggs with cells from any parts of the body, making sperm – and men – obsolete. The discovery may allow infertile men and lesbian couples to have children.

BRANSON, Mo. – A career shift could be in the cards for country singer Lee Greenwood. He tells Blackjack Confidential magazine that he once dealt blackjack in Las Vegas and says it’s “something you never forget.” In fact, he still gets recognized from gamblers who knew him during his casino days.

SIGHISOARA, Romania – Mickey Mouse is getting some competition from Count Dracula. Romanian tourism officials say they want to build a “Dracula Land” theme park near the Transylvanian city where the man who inspired Dracula, Vlad the Impaler, was born. The park should be completed in 2003.

NEW YORK – Dawson’s Creek babe Katie Holmes’ career is going to her head – literally. The brunette bombshell is having her locks dyed “golden copper brown” for an advertising gig with Garnier Lumia haircoloring.

BERLIN – A miscarriage, a stalker, and a divorce isn’t keeping actress Nicole Kidman down. The German magazine Journal fuer die Frau reports she’s still confident she will find the man of her dreams and fall in love again. She now hopes to move home to Australia with her children.

MEMPHIS – Elvis Presley is doing his part for the homeless from beyond the grave. Yesterday, the charity wing of the King’s estate opened a housing facility for homeless families in Memphis, Tennessee.

NEW YORK – Marlon Brando is finally coming out of hiding. He’ll make a rare public appearance at Michael Jackson’s upcoming concert in New York City. Brando will make a special presentation to the King of Pop during the September 7th show.

DUSSELDORF – A German pop band is taking the idea of being friends to the end a little too seriously – they’ve bought a communal crypt together. The group – called “Dead Trousers” – bought the grave site in Dusseldorf after the drummer survived a car accident.

BROOKFIELD, Wisc. – A brawl that broke out between parents at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant was anything but child’s play. Two parents from Brookfield, Wisconsin, were charged with punching and attacking another man after he accused their kids of throwing balls at his children.

LONDON – A drawing by artist Leonardo da Vinci sold for a record- breaking $11.4 million at a London auction yesterday, breaking a record previously set by Michelangelo last year.

SAITAMA, Japan – Cops in Japan have arrested a man who beat his 2-month- old daughter to death because she wouldn’t drink her milk.