ANDOVER, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – The house Jay Leno grew up in is biting the dust. Demolition crews will tear down the modest 1950s abode in a few weeks to make way for a $2.6 million, five-bedroom mansion.

VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. – Women aren’t the only ones guilty of faking orgasm, fish do it too. According to a study by Sweden’s Board of Fisheries, female brown trout faked orgasm in 69 out of 117 spawning attempts.

LOS ANGELES – Milton Berle is spilling the beans on his brief affair with Marilyn Monroe. The 93-year-old comedian tells TV Guide that, despite her glamorous image, her idea of fun was wearing shorts and going to the beach for hot dogs. One problem: He says she didn’t like getting “dirty.”

MADRID – Red faced doctors in Spain have admitted they mistakenly performed an autopsy on a plastic doll. The doctors were asked to perform the autopsy after the realistic doll was found on a sidewalk and police were convinced an illegal abortion had occurred.

ENCINITAS, Calif. – I Love Lucy fans should be game for this news. A Monopoly game based on the classic sitcom will hit stores early next month. Game pieces will include Ricky Ricardo’s conga drum and Lucy’s bottle of Vitameatvegimin.

LONDON – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth went slumming recently, trading her trademark Rolls Royce for a boring grey Renault during a recent tour of the Channel Islands off the coast of France.

HONG KONG – Don’t spit in public while in Hong Kong: You could wind up paying $600 thanks to a new fine. The new regulation also extends fines for unauthorized posters and dog poop.

QUEBEC CITY – An 80-year-old Canadian man was so savagely attacked by his own pet cat that he lost a pint of blood and required stitches. The man had been bathing his pet parrot when the cat got sprayed with water and turned on him.

SAO PAULO, Brazil – An Italian merchant is dead sorry that he’s been stuck with a bill for 101 luxury caskets after mistakenly raising his hand during an auction.

BEIJING – A Beijing butcher has been arrested for hacking to death four food inspectors after they confiscated his meat because he didn’t have a sales license. It took 700 policemen 14 hours to catch the butcher after he fled on a motorcycle.