PEORIA (Wireless Flash) – Pipsqueak-sized comedian David Spade is showing his rebellious side. The Just Shoot Me star has just pled guilty to “reckless operation of a watercraft” after he piloted his jet-ski too close to his companions on Arizona’s Lake Pleasant.

NEW YORK – Soul singer Luther Vandross says he has some big plans to write a book about his massive weight loss. The singer – who once topped 330 pounds – says he’ll share his secrets for slimming down, such as taking up step aerobics and avoiding soul food.

PLAINVILLE, Conn. – A Connecticut man has been arrested at a home improvement store after security cameras caught him urinating on customers. The videotapes show Stephen Harris approaching a customer and then urinating on the back of the man’s pants, apparently without the guy noticing.

ROME – Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is in hot water with Italians for frolicking in a public fountain during an outdoor fashion show. After performing a song, the former “Ginger Spice” jumped into the fountain at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, which is against city laws.

PEORIA, Ill. – A street in Peoria, Illinois, may soon bear the name of hometown hero Richard Pryor. The city council will vote next month on whether to rename a seven block stretch of Sheridan street after the controversial comedian.

BRISBANE – Thanks to the pig killing scene in Survivor: Australia a new animal welfare law will be passed in the state of Queensland protecting animals filmed for TV and movies. The penalty for breaking the law will be one year in jail and a fine of up to $11,500.

DUBLIN – A drunken knife-wielding burglar proved he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The 23-year-old man from Drogheda, Ireland, blew his cover after he lifted his stocking mask to greet passers-by on the street. He’s been sentenced to a year in prison.

LONDON – An American member of the animal rights group PETA was arrested outside Buckingham Palace yesterday for streaking. The man had the words “GoVeg.com” painted on his back and timed his streak just as President Bush entered the palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth for lunch.

BURLINGTON, Vt. – A 35-year-old Vermont woman has been arrested for driving over a child’s car seat and dragging it for three quarters of a mile. Even worse: A 4-month-old boy was still stuck in the seat. Cops say the woman jumped the curb while driving drunk.

NEW YORK – Are pets allowed in heaven? Americans can’t make up their minds. According to an ABC News poll, 43 percent think pets are in heaven but 40 percent believe there are no pets behind the pearly gates.