NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Stop the presses: Tennis babe Anna Kournikova hasn’t gotten hitched to hockey star Sergei Federov. The racket swinger’s manager tells The New York Post, contrary to previous press reports, Anna is still single and training in Florida.

LOS ANGELES – Mary J. Blige has picked an unusual venue for debuting her latest single – on the women-oriented cable drama Stong Medicine. The soul diva will sing the song – aptly titled “PMS” – during a guest-starring role on the August 5th episode.

YOSHINO, Japan – When you gotta go, you gotta go: A Japanese police officer who was recently caught speeding off-duty says he was driving so fast because he desperately needed to find a restroom.

DETROIT – Aluminum thieves in Detroit recently tried to make off with a two-car garage covered in aluminum siding. The bumbling robbers hitched the building to a pick-up truck and got as far as the road, but were unable to move it any farther.

HOLLYWOOD – John Stamos is taking the success of his former Full House co-stars The Olsen Twins in stride. In fact, he jokes he’s hit up the 15-year-olds for money at times.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A woman who rented a car from Washington’s Reagan airport had the shock of her life when a four-foot-long python emerged from under the dashboard while she was driving. Animal control officials later removed the snake from the car and gave it a bath, some food and water.

LOS ANGELES – Justin isn’t the only Big Brother 2 housemate with a criminal past. The smokinggun.com website reports that houseguest Mike was once arrested in 1996 for sneaking onto the set of Batman And Robin to take secret photos for Inside Edition.

MOSCOW – A heat wave in Russia has caused a rise in drowning deaths due to drunken Russians seeking relief in lakes and ponds. A record 18 deaths were reported in one day when temperatures soared to 86 degrees fahrenheit.

LOS ANGELES – A 31-year-old male prisoner who escaped from a Los Angeles prison using a fake ID card with actor Eddie Murphy’s picture on it has been arrested after two weeks on the lam. The man had been in prison for murder.

TORONTO – Canada’s most famous lion – who appeared in George of the Jungle and 100 other films and commercials – is dying of lung cancer. 14-year-old Bongo is not expected to live past November.