PANAMA CITY, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – A former Hooters restaurant employee is suing the firm over a contest in which she won a Star Wars action figure. Jodee Berry claims she was led to believe she would win a “Toyota” automobile, but managers instead presented her with a “toy Yoda” – a doll resembling the Stars Wars character.

VOLPIANO, Italy – An elderly Italian couple is lucky to be alive after being trapped in a tiny elevator for eight days. The wealthy couple say they managed to stay alive in the elevator at their estate by eating dried pasta and drinking their own urine.

LOS ANGELES – Ex-lovers Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow still have something in common: a love of MTV’s Real World. E Online is reporting both of the stars refuse to miss an episode and each has been known to call the show’s production office for tapes.

LOS ANGELES – Two weeks remain before American Pie 2 will hit box offices, but pirated copies of the film are already being traded over the internet. The sequel to the 1999 teen sex comedy will officially open on August 10.

WINTHROP, Mass. – It’s “The Attack of the Killer Raccoon:” A Massachusetts family was terrorized by a raccoon which bit a 10-year-old boy and tried to thwart the dad’s 911 call by pulling the phone to the ground. “That raccoon sure was smart. He must have gone to Harvard,” says the boy.

FARGO, N.D. – Here’s another one for the dumb criminals file: A man who was arrested for robbing a motel in Fargo, North Dakota, says he targeted the town because he heard the jails in Fargo are the safest in the U.S.

PHILADELPHIA – World Wrestling Federation star The Rock is on the verge of movie stardom but he’s still throwing his weight around in the ring. The Rock will wrestle for the first time in four months tonight in Philadelphia. The match will be aired live on the TNN cable network show, Raw Is War.

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. – A history professor at the North Hennepin Community College is suing the school after administrators reprimanded him for displaying an old recruiting poster featuring American Indian fighter General George Custer.

PASADENA, Calif. – Can you imagine perky “Mary Ann” from Gilligan’s Island cursing like a sailor? It may happen soon. The New York Post reports producers of The Vagina Monologues say they will ask actress Dawn Wells to appear in the salty stage show.

LONDON – Prince William widely escaped harm last Friday when a 9mm gun fell out of his body guard’s holster during a scuffle with a photographer. Although the gun did not discharge, and the Prince wasn’t harmed, he reportedly looked angry, scared and upset.