Headlines for: 07-30-2001

BRITISH WITCH WANTS TO REVERSE CURSE ON ‘MACBETH’ HASTINGS, U.K. (Wireless Flash) – For years, actors have believed there’s a curse on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, thanks to its creepy witchcraft scenes. Now, the head of a British coven of “white

DJ CREATES GAME THAT LETS YOU SEARCH FOR MISSING INTERNS LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Wireless Flash) – If you’re frustrated with how cops are handling the search for Chandra Levy, you’ll soon have a chance to take matters into your own hands.

THONG UNDERWEAR CELEBRATES 20 YEARS IN AMERICA LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Bottoms up: The famous Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie shop is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the day thong underwear first arrived in America.

CANADIAN TATTOO GIVES COUNTRY SINGER GOOD LUCK NASHVILLE (Wireless Flash) – A maple leaf tattoo has left its mark on country singer Terri Clark – literally. Last week, the Canadian-born country singer had a maple leaf tattooed on

WILD DOGS BLAMED FOR CHUPACABRA KILLINGS CALAMA, Chile (Wireless Flash) – The Chilean government claims wild dogs – not “chupacabras” – are behind a recent rash of livestock deaths.

WHISTLING: A DYING ART FORM? TULSA, Okla. (Wireless Flash) – Tomorrow (Aug. 31) marks the beginning of “National Whistling Appreciation Month” – and it couldn’t come any sooner for one whistler who fears it’s a dying art.

SEATTLE RESTAURANT OFFERS ‘TAX REFUND MENU’ SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) – A hoity-toity Seattle restaurant has come up with a bizarre way to boost the economy – by raising its prices. The owners of the Palisade restaurant claim they can improve the U.S.

‘SHOULD I BLEACH MY TOOTHBRUSH?’ CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – Some folks really need to brush up on their knowledge of oral health, if the questions they ask dentists are any indication.

IBM PC TURNS 20 SANTA CLARA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – The 20th anniversary of IBM’s first personal computer is just around the corner. On August 12, 1981, the company introduced its first PC model, which cost

FLASH LITES RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP CALAIS, France (Wireless Flash) – Gondolas aren’t just for canals anymore. Two Venetian gondoliers have become the first to cross the English Channel in one of the tiny boats. The two men paddled across the 21-mile