SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – The Backstreet Boys will be back on the road later than originally anticipated. The boy band had hoped A.J. McLean would be out of rehab and ready to roll by August 7, but the group has now postponed the date to August 24.

LONDON – Actress Kate Winslet is the proud new owner of a haunted house – complete with its own ghost. Winslet’s manor is located on England’s southwest coast, and is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a hotel worker who is occasionally is seen walking to work.

LOS ANGELES – Angelina Jolie may be going from the “tomb” to the womb. E! News Daily reports that the Tomb Raider star is considering becoming a mother in the next two years. However, she’ll adopt because, in her words, “I’ve never wanted to be pregnant.”

BATH, England – An astrologer predicts the upcoming Harry Potter movie will be bigger than Star Wars. Michael Geary – an expert in the Indian art of Panchang – also claims the boy wizard will get a girlfriend in a future installment of the series.

LOS ANGELES – Big Brother 2 is getting low marks from net nerds. According to the zap2it.com website, only 14,000 Americans have registered for the live feeds, while the CBS show is attracting a paltry 8.7 million couch potatoes.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A Florida man who was booted out from an all-you- can-eat buffet for eating too much will now get a chance to pig out for a $50,000 prize. The food lover has just been picked as a contestant on a Japanese game show called Food Battle Club.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Lynyrd Skynyrd fans will attend a public memorial for bassist and founding member Leon Wilkeson later today in Jacksonville, Florida. Wilkeson passed away Friday of natural causes stemming from lung and liver disease.

ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. – Want proof pot messes with your brain? A 60-year- old pothead in North Carolina was recently busted for a $1 million stash after he called the cops to report a burglar was trying to steal his marijuana plants.

NEW YORK – There could be some awkward moments ahead for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. The New York Daily News reports Cruise has just confirmed he’ll attend next Tuesday’s Los Angeles premiere of The Others, which stars his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

ST. TROPEZ, France – Could Puff Daddy be taking lessons from the Michael Jackson school of bizarre behavior? The New York Post is reporting the rap impresario had a “trusty manservant” follow him everywhere with an umbrella during his vacation in the south of France.