DUBLIN, Ireland (Wireless Flash) – James Bond star Pierce Brosnan is due to be married tomorrow in a highly secretive wedding ceremony in County Mayo, Ireland. Brosnan will wed former model and TV reporter Keely Shaye Smith.

NEW YORK – The Jerry Springer Show has had plenty of fat ladies swinging punches – now it will have a fat lady singing. Jerry Springer tells The New York Post his show is being made into an opera by a London playwright. The August 21 show will feature classically-trained singers trilling tunes with titles like “Do You Ever Wonder Why Your Imaginary Friend Committed Suicide.”

NEW YORK – The handwritten lyrics to Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” are worth, like, a fortune. Sotheby’s recently auctioned off the piece of paper containing the lyrics of the song in the Material Girl’s handwriting for a whopping $20,000, while one of her bras sold for $23,850.

NEW YORK – The third times the “harm” for Survivor host Jeff Probst, who was recently stung by a scorpion while in Africa working on Survivor 3. According to Entertainment Weekly, that’s the third injury in three Survivors. On the first show, he was stung in the groin by a jellyfish and during Survivor 2, he – in his words – “peed on an electric fence and it sent a shock back to the point of origin.”

TOPEKA, Kan. – Americans may no longer consider nudity a big deal. According to the Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association, the majority of shower doors sold are clear glass, which industry experts say is a sign that folks are less worried about being seen bathing in the buff.

VARANASI, India – Doctors in Varanasi, India, now know why free condoms are so popular. Instead of being used for sex, the condoms are being rubbed on the bobbins of silk weaving looms because the high quality lubricant keeps the yarn from snapping. Estimates show more than 100,000 people work as weavers in the city.

LOS ANGELES – The U.S. Postal Service announced it will release a new stamp featuring the face of Lucille Ball to coincide with what would have been her 90th birthday on Monday. The new stamp features her likeness from 1955 and will be unveiled at the Hollywood History Museum.

DUNDALK, Md. – A dentist in Dundalk, Maryland, has a spacy way of putting patients at ease: He’s made his examination room a shrine to Star Trek. Dr. Leonard Goldsmith has adorned his office walls with gobs of memorabilia, including phasers, alien swords and even a fluffy Tribble.

NEW YORK – The Goo Goo Dolls are about to begin recording their first CD of new material in three years. Tentatively titled Gutterflowers, it is expected to be released this Fall.

NEW YORK – Macy Gray’s sophomore CD, titled The id, is scheduled for release September 18 and will feature a duet with Erykah Badu.