NASHVILLE (Wireless Flash) – Broadway producers are looking for an Urban Cowboy to fill the boots of John Travolta. A musical version of Travolta’s 1981 flick is in the works and the director will be holding auditions for the main character in Nashville this Thursday (Aug. 16).

PHILADELPHIA – Two former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have filed a lawsuit with 23 National Football League teams, claiming players spied on them in their dressing rooms during Eagles home games. The suit claims the peeping- Tom activity became so popular it became known as a perk for NFL teams visiting Philly.

HOLLYWOOD – Nicolas Cage will soon have his foot in the door of Tinsel Town in more ways than one. Tomorrow, the actor will place his hand and footprints in cement outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

NEW YORK – The release date for Michael Jackson’s new album Invincible has been pushed back due to delays in shooting the accompanying video. The album was scheduled to be released September 25, but no new date has been set.

LONDON – Marky Mark: The comeback. Rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg tells BBC Radio he’d like to return to his singing roots. And – big surprise – he says he’s leaning toward hip-hop as his musical style.

LOS ANGELES – The Fox network has given the go ahead to creators of That ’70s Show to create a new nostalgia sitcom set in the 1980s. The details are sketchy but the show will poke fun at pop culture of the early Reagan era.

WASHINGTON – A janitor who cleans out congressional offices in Washington, D.C., has been fired after one senator complained the man was reading papers stolen from his trash can. Atlanta Senator Rusty Paul says he wants to be cautious about who sees his office paperwork, but janitor James Lowe claims he was just looking for the newspaper.

LOS ANGELES – Don’t expect Star Wars: Episode II star Hayden Christensen to be typecast as Anakin Skywalker. E Online is reporting the big screen Jedi will play a drug-addled teen prostitute in the upcoming flick, Life As A House.

LONDON – Gender-bending pop star Boy George has written a musical based on his life story. The play, titled Taboo, follows the made-up male diva in his rise from obscurity to mainstream music success and will be staged at a small venue in London’s West End.

HONOLULU – Surprise, surprise for Gomer Pyle. 31 years after Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. last aired on TV, the U.S. Marine Corps has finally promoted the fictional private in a military ceremony in Honolulu. Pyle star Jim Neighbors received his lance corporal stripes from none other than the commandant of the Marines.