RUPAS, India (Wireless Flash) – The dreaded Monkey Man has struck again in India. Villagers in Rupas claim the mysterious creature has attacked 10 people in recent weeks, and night patrols are being formed to catch the critter.

MUNCIE, Ind. – A man from Muncie, Indiana, has been arrested after giving a 13-year-old boy a haircut. 26-year-old Christopher Michael Monroe has been charged with battery after he told the boy he was collecting hair to make wigs for cancer patients. He’s suspected in other similar haircutting incidents involving young boys.

SPLIT, Croatia – The Teletubbies have inspired a new style of jazz from a Croatian jazz band. The band – called Black Coffee – has recorded an album called Teletubbies Jazz which bandmembers claim is “a revolution in jazz.”

JERUSALEM – Talk about a grave controversy: An 86-year-old Israeli woman who was declared dead shocked morticians by coming back to life during burial preparations. The woman’s heart began beating again while she was being washed for burial.

NEW YORK – Ben Affleck will be making a talk show appearance next Monday: He’s the first guest on a new TV show hosted by Carrie Fisher on the Oxygen Network, and he reveals he doesn’t think he’s ready to get married; he wouldn’t consider running for political office; and he thinks his life is “like a bad sitcom.”

LONDON – Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham confesses her new lip ring is a clip-on. Reports say some fans who imitated her by getting their own piercings are now furious.

NEW YORK – Actress Britney Murphy, who plays a 15-year-old mother along with Drew Barrymore in the upcoming film Riding in Cars With Boys, tells this Sunday’s Parade magazine she wasn’t even dating at 15 years old.

HOLLYWOOD – Variety reports that actors Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock will star in a romantic comedy together due in box offices December 2002. The title has yet to be selected, but Bullock will play a slightly neurotic lawyer, and Grant will play her boss.

NEW YORK – Can the Big Brother houseguests survive Survivor? We will find out next Wednesday when former Survivor castaways Gervase Peterson, Sue Hawk, Alicia Callaway and Jeff Varner pay a visit to the house to participate in competitions with the houseguests.

SEATTLE – Rock history may never be the same after this news. According to the upcoming Spin magazine, the first concert Kurt Cobain went to wasn’t for the punk band, Black Flag, as he claimed in interviews. It was actually for the early 1980s pop band, Quarterflash, best known for “Harden My Heart.”