HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) – Would you want to see Dick Clark take a bubble bath? The world’s oldest teenager will be doing just that on an upcoming episode of his new talk show, The Other Half. Clark’s daytime dip is supposed to show female viewers “how to turn an ordinary weekend into an extraordinarily sensual escape.”

BURBANK – The Jacksons will be reuniting for more than just the performances at Michael’s 30th anniversary tribute this week. Jermaine tells Access Hollywood that the musical family is planning an album and “hopefully” will be doing a tour to back it up.

LOS ANGELES – Looks like Mariah Carey isn’t quite ready to be grilled by Barbara Walters: She’s postponed her interview with the “made you cry” reporter because she claims she “...needs more time to rest.”

DAYTON – Talk about entertainment law: A former singer from Sha Na Na will be teaching law students at the University of Dayton in Ohio this semester. Singer Dennis Greene has been a lawyer since 1987 and also teaches at the University of Oregon.

VARBERG, Sweden – Here’s pie in your face: The king of Sweden was smacked in the face with a strawberry tart while visiting a nature reserve yesterday. Cops have questioned the 16-year-old boy who threw the pie and say he could get up to four years in jail.

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – A 75-year-old Florida woman has been found dead after she was trapped in a sofa for three days. Although a telephone and whistle were just inches from her reach, the woman passed away, possibly from dehydration and emotional stress.

DALLAS – Americans aren’t against cloning – as long as its Brad Pitt. According to a survey by Blockbuster Video, Pitt is the celeb Americans most want cloned, followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and Jennifer Lopez. Pitt’s wife, Jenifer Aniston, came in 9th.

HAMILTON, Bermuda – The recent shark attacks on the Eastern seaboard haven’t been easy for Jaws author Peter Benchley. He says people have been blaming him as if he caused this year’s attacks. However, he says folks should be more concerned about the number of sharks killed by humans each year to harvest their fins than the sharks attacking humans.

LONDON – Nicole Kidman and pop star Robbie Williams have teamed up together to duet on a Williams’ new album, Swing When You’re Winning – a collection of Frank Sinatra tunes. The two performed the song “Something Stupid,” which hit No. 1 in 1967 for Frank and daughter Nancy.