NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Talk about spooky: Some New Yorkers are reporting they can see the “ghost” of the World Trade Center’s fallen twin towers. Newsday reports residents and emergency workers alike have claimed to see a faint image of the two wrecked buildings rising from the rubble.

LONDON – Gay icon Elton John admits he still gets the hots for the fairer sex. He tells the Sun tabloid that even though he still gets turned on by women, he doubts he’ll ever have sex with a gal again.

NEW YORK – What do the films Final Fantasy, Bubble Boy and Planet of the Apes have in common? They’ve all been named to the Top Ten Suckiest Films of the Summer list created by Heavy.com.

LONDON – Colin Powell’s actress daughter has been forced to pull out of a role in a London stage play because of security concerns. Linda Powell was set to appear in the play Jitney, which starts next month.

ISLAMABAD – If the Taliban gets booted from Afghanistan, razor companies will make some beaucoup bucks – because men will finally be able to shave their beards. That’s the joke circulating on the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, where Taliban law requires all men must have a beard that’s at least as long as the width of a fist.

TAMPA BAY, Fla. – The patriotic spirit in America is more than skin deep. The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that tattoo parlors in Tampa Bay, Florida, are seeing an increase in customers wanting flags, American eagles and other patriotic symbols inked onto their bods.

OGDEN, Mich. – Some Arabs may be more interested in E.T. than Osama bin Laden. The abduct.com website claims that in the last two weeks, it’s been getting more hits than usual from the Middle East – especially Dubai.

CANBERRA, Australia – The Australian government has just launched an online “toilet directory” which shows the exact location of 13,000 potties across the country.

LONDON – There could be an outbreak of sibling rivalry in the British royal family. A new list of the UK’s 50 Sexiest Men ranks 17-year-old Prince Harry at No. 11 – but older prince William doesn’t even make the list.

SHIBATA, Japan – The phrase, “the proof is in the pudding” is getting new meaning in Shibata, Japan, where a woman recently bought some custard that contained a tiny frog about four centimeters in length.