GULFPORT, Miss. (Wireless Flash) – Osama bin Laden is becoming the target of some gun enthusiasts in the U.S. – literally. Mississippi-based gun instructors says shooters have been using photocopies of bin Laden’s mug as targets at shooting ranges.

CANBERRA, Australia – A group of Tasmanian women aged 65 to 82 have bared all for a calendar which will raise money to buy curtains for their local community center. The so-called “Bare to Be Different” calendar shows the naked grannies knitting, playing cards and even feeding chickens.

BURBANK, Calif. – You’ll be seeing less of Drew Carey when his sitcom starts its new season this fall. The actor says he’s definitely going to lose weight this year because of the new healthy diet he adopted after undergoing surgery in August for a blocked artery.

LAS VEGAS – Tonight Show host Jay Leno says he will perform a free show at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday in the hopes of drawing tourists back to the casinos. Leno says he hopes those who attend will give big tips to the waitpersons because, “We have to turn this situation around.”

BANGKOK – The Thai government is asking workers to stop wearing suits in order to help conserve energy in office buildings. The prime minister made the suggestion over the weekend in hopes it would reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to cool offices.

BUENOS AIRES – An Argentinean man’s collection of Beatles memorabilia has just been declared the largest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. Rodolfo Vazquez owns 5,612 Beatles-oriented items, including bricks from the original Cavern Club in Liverpool where the rockers got their start.

PHILADELPHIA – A Philadelphia-based record company has just released a box set containing 23 Elvis Presley singles stamped on authentic vinyl 45 RPM singles. The retro-records don’t come cheap – the set has a suggested list price of $100.

BEIJING – A Chinese musician has just won a legal battle for compensation after being declared the third ugliest singer in the country in a contest. Keyboardist Zang Tianshuo won $2400 for distress after judges agreed that only his mother is allowed to say he’s ugly.

DALLAS – Blockbuster Video is dealing with terrorism with a capital ‘T.’ From now until the end of the year, the chain store will put signs up in its stores telling customers which new video games or films feature terrorism.

CHICAGO – For the first time in his career, Barry Manilow is considered funky. Could It Be Magic?, a stage musical dedicated to Manilow’s music, has just won an award from the Black Theatre Alliance for Best Musical Direction.