TOKYO (Wireless Flash) – Spies may soon be able to use real bugs to eavesdrop on criminals, thanks to Japanese scientists who are developing a remote-controlled cockroach capable of carrying a tiny camera and microphone.

NEW YORK – Late R&B singer Aaliyah may not make the final cut of the Matrix sequel she filmed before her death. The New York Post reports filmmakers are going to re-shoot her scenes with another actress in order to expand the role. Brandy and James King are two of the gals rumored to be lobbying for the part.

BANGKOK, Thailand – An astrologer in Thailand is getting praise from the locals for an accurate, yet gross, prediction made earlier this year. In January, Sorajja Nual-yu told a magazine that U.S. stock prices would “collapse like a person suffering from diarrhea” sometime in September, He also makes the same crappy prediction for December.

KARACHI, Pakistan – Despite the threat of a U.S. military attack, life is going on in Afghanistan, where cricket players have asked to participate in a tournament hosted by Pakistan next month.

BEIJING – China’s “one child per family” policy obviously doesn’t apply to giant pandas. Researchers are applauding a female panda who recently gave birth to her 12th cub in the southwestern province of Sichuan.

PHOENIX, Ariz. – The Harlem Globetrotters have signed a Mongolian giant to play for the comedy basketball troupe. The 7-foot-tall former law student is named Sharavjamts Terenjahor but, for obvious reasons, is better known simply as “Shark.”

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Ben Stiller’s new movie, Zoolander, may never be seen in Malaysia. Officials there are considering banning the comedy because the story line concerns a male model who is brainwashed into attempting to assassinate the Malaysian prime minister.

HOLLYWOOD – The Lord Of The Rings may end up lording the title of box office champ over Harry Potter’s head. According to Fandango.com, 52 percent of Americans want to see the Tolkien tale compared to 38 percent who can’t wait for the opening of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – Having an Osama bin Laden tattoo may mark you with a police record. Authorities in Orange County, California, are trying to determine the identity of a man arrested after the hijackings who has the terrorist leader’s mug tattooed on his chest.

ESSEX, England – A soccer referee in Essex, England, helped out an inept soccer team by scoring a goal for them when the other team was 18 points ahead. Ref Brian Saville says he threw the ball into the net and signalled a goal to prove refs can enjoy games as much as players.