BUDAPEST, Hungary (Wireless Flash) – A Hungarian “escapologist” has survived a stunt where he spent 33 hours inside a block of ice. 22-year- old David Merlini initially collapsed when his assistants freed him from the ice, which was minus 40 degrees Celsius, but was otherwise in fine health.

TROY, Ohio – A store clerk in Ohio recently called the police after hearing a mysterious ticking sound coming from a can of green beans and thought it might be a bomb. Police investigators found nothing but green beans inside the suspicious can.

NEW YORK – Mariah Carey may be throwing a wrench in her mental recovery efforts. The New York Post reports the diva wants to stop taking antidepressants prescribed for her after her breakdown because they keep her from hitting her signature high notes.

DUMMERSTON, Vt. – Two drunk motorists have been arrested for in Vermont after stopping to ask directions from a state trooper.

BURBANK, Ca. – Enrique Iglesias will debut the video for his terrorist tragedy anthem, Hero, not on MTV, but on Access Hollywood tonight. The video stars Jennifer Love-Hewitt as Enrique’s love interest and Mickey Rourke as a villain.

ENFIELD, Conn – The broom-riding wizard Harry Potter now has his own LEGO series. An 11 series LEGO Harry Potter set has just been released featuring Potter and seven other characters from J.K. Rowling’s novels.

LONDON – Singer Janet Jackson canceled her European tour yesterday because of safety concerns following the terrorist attack on September 11.

SINGAPORE – A 17-year-old serial kisser in Singapore is getting a big kiss-off from the government. Shahul Kathubudeen has been convicted of kissing seven Chinese women against their will and ordered to attend a religious school in India to get cured of his kissing urge.

AUCKLAND, N.Z. – “Burn, baby, burn” has taken a chilling new meaning in Auckland, New Zealand, where a 29-year-old mother is on trial for putting her three-month-old daughter on an open fire. The mother claims she thought that her child was Jesus and figured burning her infant was the “only way to save the world.”

NORTHLAND, N.Z. – Doctors in rural New Zealand won’t be driven crazy with speeding tickets any more. Authorities are now allowing docs to go 20 mph above the speed limit when responding to emergencies.