GATES MILLS, Ohio (Wireless Flash) – An Ohio teenager who stole an American flag from a neighbor’s home has been sentenced to five weeks of flag waving. Nicholas LaRich must wave Old Glory outside a local post office for an hour each Saturday from now until November.

HAMILTON ISLAND, Australia – A beached baby whale has found a new home inside an Australian resort’s swimming pool. Local wildlife officials are now caring for the lost whale until it is strong enough to go back to sea.

LONDON – British newspapers are reporting Prime Minister Tony Blair’s oldest son Euan was involved in a street brawl with a youth gang who tried to rob him and a friend. Neither the police nor a Blair family spokesman will confirm the reports.

PHOENIX – Aging shock rocker Alice Cooper still wants to welcome you to his nightmare. He’s opening up a 12,000 square foot haunted house in Phoenix that contains thrills and chills designed by the same folks who do his creepy concert special effects.

OAK BROOK, Ill. – Talk about a wild goose chase: An Illinois man has won more than $17,000 in damages sustained in an encounter a wild Canadian goose. “It was very ferocious,” says victim Nolan Lett.

HAMILTON, New Zealand – A group of male explorers heading to South America will have to wear condoms to stop tiny fish from swimming up their penises while wading in the Amazon river. The group of New Zealanders are trying to avoid a unique fish which is attracted to urine and causes excruciating pain when it enters the urethra.

LOS ANGELES – Kim Basinger is in talks to play raunchy rap star Eminem’s mother in a film loosely based on his life. The film remains untitled so far, and shooting won’t begin until next month. However, Eminem and fellow rapper Dr. Dre are already working on a soundtrack for the movie.

NEW YORK – By now the world knows the World Trade Center towers are destroyed, but people continue to send mail to the address at a rate of about 56,000 pieces a day, says U.S. postal services.

LONDON – England has released a series of high tech postage stamps including one with miniature gel caps that release a eucalyptus scent when scratched, one with an electrically charged particle that appears when heated with the warmth of a finger, and one printed with a microscopic version of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Ad-dressing of Cats.

TOKYO – Films featuring the World Trade Center are becoming the rage in Japan. The Mainichi Daily News reports Japanese film fans are especially obsessed with terrorist dramas like Die Hard 3 and Martial Law. Sources credit the craze to false rumors the movies were going to be banned.