BERLIN (Wireless Flash) – City officials in Cologne, Germany, have created a line of drive-in brothels in the hopes of moving the red light district away from its landmark cathedral. Clients drive their cars past a line of prostitutes, select one and then drive into a car port with an attached bedroom.

NEW YORK – Whitney Houston’s handlers are shooting down rumors the pop diva is currently in rehab. Whitney is just taking time off at a health spa, her rep Nancy Seltzer tells the New York Post.

SPRINGFIELD – Mmmm, cereal! Homer and Bart Simpson are both getting their own breakfast cereals. The flavors will be: Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, and Homer’s Cinnamon Donut Cereal.

LOS ANGELES – A notorious computer hacker is going to make a guest spot on the new TV show Alias playing – get this – a CIA computer expert. Kevin Mitnick was once among America’s most wanted and served five years in prison. His parole agreement prohibits him from even touching a computer so producers had to use props in all of his scenes.

LONDON – The tailor who helped create the Beatles’ signature collarless suits has passed away. Dougie Millings designed the band’s wardrobe at the request of manager Brian Epstein, and ended up creating 500 outfits for the band.

BRISTOL, England – Talk about a sports nut: A British soccer player and his new bride interrupted their wedding festivities to watch his teammates play a game. The couple – from Bristol – were half an hour late to their reception because of the match.

LONDON – A London-based dance artist is turning underwear into a musical instrument. Radioboy has sampled the sounds made by a pair of Gap underpants and will be using them on an upcoming album, The Mechanics of Destruction. Other tracks will include sounds made by McDonald’s food wrappers, Coke cans and Starbucks coffee cups.

SIBIU, Romania – A distraught dog owner whose pet has been stolen has resorted to cursing the thief in newspaper ads. The Romanian man has placed ads which read “I hope the man who stole my dog never finds peace...I hope you go blind and your teeth fall out.”

NEW YORK – Celebrities have been banned from entering the wreckage at “Ground Zero” in New York by order of the mayor’s office. Officials say they want to prevent stars from making an unsafe situation even worse. So far, celebs like Robert DeNiro, Chris Rock, James Gandolfini, and Bette Midler have already visited the area.

ALBUQUERQUE – A New Mexican policeman and pilot are facing disciplinary actions for using a police helicopter to make a midnight donut run. Locals were outraged by the joy ride – which cost tax payers $80 an hour. However, a Krispy Kreme employee was more sympathetic, pointing out, “Cops got to eat, too.”

MIAMI – About a dozen Burger King marketing employees ended up with flame-broiled feet after walking over hot coals in a team-building meeting this past weekend. Some burgermeisters needed wheelchairs the next day but others had no beef with the event.