LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – The craze for Osama bin Laden Halloween costumes is good news for Gary Condit. That’s according to Los Angeles-based media expert Michael Levine, who says Condit costumes would have been the hot ticket had the terrorist tragedy not happened.

LONDON – Women’s rear ends will soon be getting the Wonderbra treatment: DuPont will introduce a pair of Lycra pantyhose dubbed “Wonderbum” which lift, separate and shape ladies’ posteriors. The tights are expected to go on sale late next year.

DUBLIN, Ireland – Forget the rumors about James Bond meeting Austin Powers: A spokesman for Pierce Brosnan says the actor will NOT be appearing in the upcoming Powers flick Goldmember.

BOSTON – Four of the hijackers who crashed into the World Trade Center spent their last night on earth looking for hookers. The Boston Globe reports the four alleged terrorists called up several Boston escort services on September 10, but backed out when they found out the price.

NEW YORK – It’s the return of O-Town: MTV will pick up the canceled ABC reality show Making the Band which features five young men who form a boy band. This time around, the group will be paid for appearing on the show since they had marginal chart success this year.

LOS ANGELES – Emmy awards organizers are considering moving the award ceremony to a California military base. After two postponements due to terrorism and the war, the goal is to settle on a location that would be unaffected by outside events.

NEW DELHI – Indian police ordered a man wearing a turban off a bus in Rajasthan, believing he was Osama bin Laden. A crowd had gathered outside the police station to catch a glimpse of the man, but was disappointed to find out it was only the son of an employee of an American firm.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, S.A. – Here’s a reassuring thought: Although seven tourists were almost gored by a runaway rhino in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, park officials have no plans to end walking tours because the attacks are “normal.”

TANZANIA – Tanzania is suffering a food shortage thanks to an invasion of ravenous rodents, which are gobbling up crops in farms all over the country. So far, 26 villages have been affected and the average home has as many as 60 rats.

NEW YORK – Who wants to be a millionaire? Ricki Lake’s father for one. The talk show host’s dad is a contestant on tonight’s show. He auditioned for the show on the recommendation of his other daughter, Jennifer, who gets a 10 percent finder’s fee of any winnings.