COSENZA, Italy (Wireless Flash) – An Italian university has produced a calendar featuring sexy male students in an attempt to attract more female students. The University of Cosenza hopes the “provocative poses” will encourage more women to join its engineering program.

NEW YORK – Supermodel Christy Turlington and fiancee Edward Burns have postponed their wedding due to fears of further terrorist attacks. The ceremony was supposed to take place in Italy later this month, the New York Post reports.

NEW YORK – Last season’s Survivor winner Tina Wesson is back in the headlines again – this time as a spokeswoman for rheumatoid arthritis. Wesson, who has battled arthritis for seven years, has been hired by a manufacturer of an anti-arthritis drug to educate people about the disease.

BERLIN – German sex workers were fit to be tied yesterday when a soccer coach compared his under-performing players to Hamburg’s prostitutes. “All they do is smoke cigarettes, drink too much and sleep around,” the coach said. Local prostitutes then lashed back, saying the team could “learn a thing or two from us.”

BANGKOK – Cops in Thailand have a good reason to be teed off: They’re being banned from playing the country’s golf courses. The idea is to keep police focused on serving the people and alert at all times.

AUCKLAND, N.Z. – Some pregnant women in New Zealand may be forced to fly with their doctors to Australia to give birth. New Zealand’s maternity hospitals have had so many sick and premature newborns this year, there aren’t enough beds to go around.

WHEATON, Ill. – When will the world end? Who knows, but according to a poll by Barna Research, 15 percent think the end of the world will happen within their lifetime and 26 percent say it won’t happen at all.

FJALLBACKA, Sweden – A Swedish brewery has created what it claims is world’s first “Lobster Beer.” The “Hummerol” brand of beer isn’t made from lobster – it’s designed to be guzzled with the crusty creatures. So far, there are no plans for the lobster lager to wash up on U.S. shores.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The mid-90s nostalgia revival will officially be kicked off November 2, when Deep Blue Something makes its official comeback in Los Angeles. The group hit the charts in 1995 with “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” but haven’t been heard from since.

LONDON – One of Britain’s oldest motorists says she’s ready to hop back behind the wheel despite having her first car accident at the age of 100. Lady Morton, a Scottish socialite, says she drove 74 years without having an accident – until Tuesday when she struck a traffic island in her brand new car.