Headlines for: 10-18-2001

TERRORIST WAR COULD CREATE SOME TERRIBLE TEENS SAVANNAH, Ga. (Wireless Flash) – The war on terrorism may eliminate bad guys like Osama bin Laden, but it could also create a whole new generation of juvenile delinquents in the U.S.

HALLOWEEN WILL BE MORE GHOSTLY THAN USUAL ALAMEDA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – There’s more than a ghost of a chance you’ll see a ghost this Halloween, according to a Creole astrologer in Alameda, California.

RONALD REAGAN AND ANTHRAX: THE UNTOLD STORY NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Think President George W. Bush is the first president to deal with an anthrax scare? Think again. According to gossip reporter Baird Jones, Ronald Reagan took anthrax

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR AMAZONS ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Wireless Flash) – The Naturalizer shoe company is trying to get a leg up on its competition by introducing a boot designed especially for women with big calves.

EX-‘SOPRANOS’ STAR GUNNING FOR NON-VIOLENT ROLES LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Character actor Vincent Pastore saw plenty of bloodshed as mob man-turned-government snitch “Pussy Bonpensiero” on The Sopranos – but he’s leaving that all

SEANCE TO BE HELD FOR HOUDINI 75 YEARS AFTER DEATH HOLYOKE, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – A faithful group of Harry Houdini followers will attempt to contact the escape artist on the 75th anniversary of his death this Halloween.

SAM NEILL SNIPES AT KIWIS’ ‘WHO’S WHO’ SNIT AUCKLAND, N.Z. (Wireless Flash) – Jurassic Park star Sam Neill is taking shots at fellow New Zealanders who are miffed that he made the Australian list of Who’s Who.

‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ COMPOSER WRITES SYMPHONY FOR SULTAN OF OMAN LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Peace-seeking Americans might want to follow the example of Mission Impossible composer Lalo Schifrin, who has just created a symphony for the Sultan of Oman.

PATRIOTIC PUMPKINS IN DEMAND THIS YEAR DAYTON, Ohio (Wireless Flash) – Terrorism attacks haven’t squashed American’s pride or love for pumpkin carving – in fact demand for patriotic pumpkin patterns is on the rise.

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP TOKYO (Wireless Flash) – It’s bad enough dealing with an emotional driver – but now drivers will have to deal with emotional cars. Next week, Toyota will unveil a new auto called the “Pod” that turns blue