Headlines for: 10-22-2001

WIFE SWAPPING GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY SAYS GROUP NEW ORLEANS, La. (Wireless Flash) – Wife swapping could be beefing up America’s somewhat limp travel industry, according to the president of the world’s only trade organization for swingers.

‘I CAN DEPROGRAM BIN LADEN,’ CLAIMS WOMAN CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) – If Osama bin Laden were to spend just five days with a woman in Chattanooga, Tennessee, he’d be a new man.

TERRORIST ANXIETY SAPPING AMERICANS’ LIBIDOS NEW HAVEN, Conn. (Wireless Flash) – Osama bin Laden is crawling into American bedrooms and putting a damper on sex. According to the director of a Yale University sex counseling program,

DENTAL FILLINGS FROM HEAVEN LLOYD, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – You’ve heard of pennies from heaven? Well, a faith healer from Florida is making a living with dental fillings from heaven.

WITCHES TRADING IN CAULDRONS FOR MICROWAVES FRANKLIN LAKES, N.J. (Wireless Flash) – Looks like modern witches are dumping their cauldrons and wands for microwaves, fax machines and computers. It’s all part of a new category of spell-casting known as

ARE THERE GHOSTS ON YOUR HOME VIDEOS? DUNSTABLE, England (Wireless Flash) – Here’s a spooky thought: There could be ghosts creeping around in your home movies. That’s according to Ross Hemsworth, who leads a team of paranormal

77-YEAR-OLD GERMAN IMMIGRANT WRITES PRO-AMERICA SONG MILFORD, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – A 77-year-old German immigrant has written a country song to honor America and the victims of the terrorist attacks.

SECRETARY BY DAY, SUMO WRESTLER BY NIGHT OSAKA, Japan (Wireless Flash) – A 23-year-old secretary from Japan knows how hard it is wrestling with two jobs – that’s because she’s also a sumo wrestler.

THE GREATEST REAL ESTATE MOVIES OF ALL TIME FREDERICTON, New Brunswick (Wireless Flash) – Here’s a new spin on those movie top ten lists: A real estate scholar and film buff at Penn State University is announcing the “Greatest Real Estate Movies of All

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP RIO DE JANIERO (Wireless Flash) – It’s finally happened: Brazilian manufacturers have created an Osama bin Laden Halloween mask that’s selling like hotcakes in Rio de Janiero. One store reports