ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (Wireless Flash) – A new study suggests British women have some of the biggest breasts in Europe. The poll by GfK Fashion Scope reveals there are more women with bra cups size “D” and above in England than in Denmark, Belgium, France, Sweden or Austria.

SARASOTA, Fla. – Some Americans are drowning their sorrows over the terrorist war – literally. A Florida-based distributor of Budweiser beer says sales soared 15 percent during the first week of the bombing campaign on Afghanistan.

MEDFORD, Pennsylvania – Anthrax scares caused a Pennsylvania woman to blow up her microwave while trying to cook her mail. The lady said she saw a news report that suggested microwaves could kill anthrax.

ST. PETERSBURG – Osama bin Laden will get egged after all. Officials at a Florida high school have decided to go ahead with a physics experiment where they drop eggs on a poster of the accused terrorist mastermind. The event at Dixie Hollins High School takes place later today (Oct. 25).

LONDON – The German word “kraut” – meaning cabbage – has long been used by Britons to belittle Germans, but according to a British watchdog group, it’s now a perfectly acceptable substitute for “German.” However, a German Embassy spokesman says Germans still find the term offensive.

RIO DE JANEIRO – A Brazilian judge has rejected a suit filed by the daughters of a deceased soccer star who were upset after a writer claimed their father’s sex organ was 10 inches long. However, the judge disagreed, ruling it’s a “source of pride.”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Most people would rather dine alone than with Regis Philbin. Ultimate TV asked Americans which game show host they wanted to dine with and 44 percent chose “none,” compared to 23 percent who would break bread with Regis.

LUSAKA, Zambia – A Zambian man was just granted a divorce on the grounds there was a frog in a cup of tea his wife had given him. The 28-year-old man says that’s the reason he left his wife and sought after another woman.

LOS ANGELES – Wile E. Coyote’s creator Chuck Jones is going back into wolf territory for a new character: Timber Wolf. Although it’s his first new character for Warner Brothers in 40 years, cartoons are only available at the company’s website.

NEW YORK – The tube-drum-playing Blue Man Group is currently working on their second album titled POV (Point of View). The album will be available next June and will feature something different from the group – vocals.