ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Michael Jordan’s comeback may mean lots of greenbacks for gamblers. The intertops.com website is offering 4 to 1 odds he’ll be NBA MVP; 7 to 1 odds he’ll win the scoring title and 17 to 10 odds the Washington Wizards will make the playoffs.

LOS ANGELES – Life won’t be a gas for actor Dennis Weaver much longer. Today (Oct. 26), Weaver will introduce a hydrogen-powered automobile to the world and drive it from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in hopes of promoting interest in alternative fuels.

SAN FRANCISCO – The New York Yankees not only look better on paper than the Arizona Diamondbacks but also on videogames. The 989 Sports computer game company recently ran the World Series on a Playstation and the Yanks beat the Snakes four games to two.

TURIN, Italy – An Italian priest recently halted a marriage ceremony because the bride’s dress revealed too much cleavage. The woman and her fiance were forced to wed in a civil ceremony and forgo a church service.

HAVANA – Leave it to Cuban leader Fidel Castro to keep cool about anthrax. In a recent speech, he said the current anthrax scare in the U.S. is being exaggerated, and that the disease is “less serious than a cold.”

SINGAPORE – Pop star Robbie Williams is accusing Singapore police of slapping him with a fine for baring his bottom during a concert there. However, Singapore police claim, “We have no record he was fined. It’s not true.”

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – A Canadian cardiologist says folks who stress over terrorist attacks may actually be at lower risk for heart attacks. Dr. Andy Wielgosz says the will to survive tends to increase with fear.

NANCY, France – A serial foot massager is getting the boot: A French man has been sentenced to six months in prison for giving women unwanted foot massages. The man posed as a medical student offering massages to women on train rides, but refused to stop rubbing the ladies’ feet when they asked.

LONDON – Actor Kenneth Branagh is set to play an egotistical wizard in the next Harry Potter movie. He’s landed the role of Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in the flick Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, set to start filming in December.

DALLAS – This news will eat at Michael Jackson: According to a poll by Pizza Hut, not one American over 65 wants to eat pizza with the King of Pop.