LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Harry Potter And the Sorcerer’s Stone star Richard Harris says he won’t try Viagra ever again because it works “too well.” The 71-year-old actor – who plays Harry’s headmaster in the new flick – says the libido-enhancing drug was so effective he couldn’t zip up his trousers afterwards.

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican will soon be issuing its own version of the euro. Only 670,000 of the coins will be produced each year each featuring an up-to-date profile of Pope John Paul II.

SYDNEY, Australia – Gianni Versace’s family is going to court to stop allegations that they have Mafia ties. They’re suing an Australian private investigator whose new book, The Spying Game, claims the Versaces are linked to the mob and even that Gianni’s brother and sister were involved in his 1997 murder.

MELBOURNE, Australia – Ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has pulled out of an Australian tour and is accusing a Melbourne radio station of insulting her by playing a pre-recorded question by former bandmate Victoria “Posh” Beckham. The offending query: “Hi, how are you?”

LOS ANGELES – Gene Hackman isn’t the only celeb who’s been involved in a road rage incident recently. ’80s teen star C. Thomas Howell is currently on trial for allegedly hitting a skateboarder with his pick-up truck and then threatening the young man with a hammer.

NEW YORK – A New York man who is on trial recently punched out his lawyer in court because the defense attorney wasn’t “doing his job.” Defendant William Scott explained his outburst by saying, “I’d like to state for the record that this man is not doing his job. That’s why I had to smack the st out of him in front of these jurors.”

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – It’s coming in loud and clear: 79 percent of cell phone users admit the phones are a distraction while driving but 44 percent plan to do it anyway – the same percentage that wants to make it against the law.

SKILLMAN, N.J. – Madonna is getting points for confidence from America’s coeds. 33 percent of female college students say the Material Girl is the most confident woman they know, compared to 23 percent who prefer Venus and Serena Williams.

TOKYO – A Tokyo doctor is inspiring randy Japanese folks to start using condoms by promising a free pregnancy test or abortion to anyone who uses a rubber that fails.

NEW YORK – Former first son Ron Reagan Jr. will be participating in a bizarre game on 20/20 tonight: “Who Will Most Likely Get Alzheimer’s Disease?” The 43-year-old will be up against two other men to see who is most likely to go senile.