NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Ground Zero in New York is starting to look more like a singles bar than a disaster site. The New York Post is reporting single women have been flocking to the site to meet eligible firefighters. Several women have picked up phone numbers or gone on dates with the heroic hunks.

FRANKFURT, Germany – Pop stars are taking over the streets of Frankfurt, Germany – literally. In honor of the city hosting MTV’s Europe Music Awards next week, the streets have been renamed after stars like Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and U2.

BANGKOK, Thailand – Here’s a good reason not to get high on the job: Thai police have arrested a stoned man who was supposed to be guarding a 100 acre marijuana field. 80 officers stormed the fields and found the guard lying down smoking a fat joint.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – VIPs may not be walking down the red carpet at a New Zealand post-premiere party for the new Lord of The Rings film. Organizers of the Wellington event say they can’t find enough red carpet to lay on the walk of honor.

LOS ANGELES – The name is Bond...Barbie Bond. The pink plastic icon is the star of a new spy adventure computer game called Secret Agent Barbie. Some of the doll’s cool gadgets include a remote-control spy puppy and special “pink-vision-glasses.”

NEW YORK – Can you believe it? The Naked Chef’s Jamie Oliver is among GQ magazine’s selection for “Men of the Year” in their November issue. The British-born chef shares the title along side celebs like Ben Affleck, Kobe Bryant, and Rob Lowe.

NASHVILLE, Tenn – Country Singer Johnny Cash is back in the hospital still battling a bout of bronchitis. The 69-year-old was just released from the hospital on October 22, after two weeks of treatment.

SANTIAGO, Chile – Mr. Clean may soon be terrorized by Osama bin Laden. A businessman in Chile has registered the bin Laden name for a new line of soap. Eduardo Arevelo Mateluna says he doesn’t love or hate the al-Queda leader but says his name is “commercially attractive.”

SAN DIEGO – Need proof punk rock makes for strange bedfellows? The Dead Kennedys have re-formed without lead singer Jello Biafra. However, Brandon Cruz, who played Eddie on the ’70s sitcom, The Courtship Of Eddie’s Father, is taking his place.

AUCKLAND, N.Z. – The New Zealand parliament is considering banning TV cameras from covering proceedings because some MPs think the camera angles emphasize their bald spots.