MILWAUKEE (Wireless Flash) – Should we leave the capture of Osama bin Laden to Beaver Cleaver? Actor Jerry Mathers tells the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel his Beaver character always stood up to bullies and he considers bin Laden one of the “ultimate bullies.”

ST. TRUIDEN, Belgium – A Belgian mayor has set up a rating system for the brothels in his town. The cathouses of St. Truiden will be given a star rating based on cleanliness, room size and how well the “girls” practice safe sex.

LONDON – An upcoming auction could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between a memorabilia collector and some cigarettes Humphrey Bogart smoked during the filming of Casablanca. A British TV channel called Auction World plans to sell the set of Bogie’s half-smoked butts sometime before Christmas.

LOS ANGELES – Harry Potter isn’t only a smart wizard, he’s also nice to animals. The American Humane Association has given the new Potter movie it’s highest rating possible for the way animal actors – including rats, snakes and owls – were treated on the set.

NEW YORK – Ocean’s 11 co-stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts have something else in common – their pants size. According to gossip columnist Liz Smith, the two goofy actors swapped clothes during a recent fashion shoot for Esquire magazine.

LONDON – Psychics are being enlisted in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. London’s Sunday Times reports the FBI is contacting “remote viewers,” who can reportedly see activities happening far away. The Feds hope the psychics can tell them where bin Laden is hiding out.

KATHMANDU – An endangered Royal Bengal tiger was shot to death in southern Nepal after it killed seven villagers. Wildlife experts believe the tiger went crazy after hunters illegally attacked it. A post mortem showed a two-month-old bullet in the tigers thigh.

PORT MORESBY, Samoa – Two Samoan fishermen have been rescued from the sea after floating for 132 days in the South Pacific. The men, described as being “one week from death,” say they survived on fish, rainwater and floating coconuts.

NEW YORK – Mothers Against Drunk Drivers won’t like this but many Americans plan to drive drunk this holiday season. According to a poll by Progressive Insurance, 25 percent will have two drinks before driving home and 13 percent plan to guzzle at least three before getting behind the wheel.

WELLINGTON, N.Z. – A Wellington, New Zealand, man has proposed to his girlfriend by comic strip. The unidentified man drew the strip and inserted it as an ad in The New Zealand Evening Post. Then he made his gal read the paper during a romantic dinner. At last word, the woman had accepted the periodical proposal.