LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – West Wing prez Martin Sheen is sparing the lives of condemned turkeys this Thanksgiving. He’s joined with People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals to distribute “tofu turkeys” to homeless shelters next week.

HOLLYWOOD – Pat Benatar’s daughter will be “Miss Golden Globe” at next year’s Golden Globe Awards. 16-year-old Haley Giraldo has been selected to help at the ceremonies, following in the footsteps of past Miss Golden Globes Melanie Griffith and Laura Dern.

LOS ANGELES – Bruce Lee lives! Through the magic of computer generated imaging, the late martial arts icon will star in a new movie, Dragon Warrior. Korea-based Shincine Films plans to digitally-recreate Lee for the $50 million action flick.

NEW YORK – A New Jersey man is facing charges of impersonating Robert DeNiro. Joseph Manuella, who was DeNiro’s stunt double in two films, allegedly took out a credit card in the actor’s name and tried to get freebies from local hotels and restaurants.

MIAMI – Singer Jon Secada is lending his pipes to Christmas carols. Secada’s first Christmas CD, The Gift, will hit stores November 20 and will include a Spanish-language version of “Silent Night.”

KAGOSHIMA, Japan – Be careful what you put on your passport. A 68-year- old Japanese man was recently prevented from boarding a plane because his passport listed him as a woman. The mistake went unnoticed for two years.

SKOKIE, Ill. – Some Michael Jordan collector will soon have a leg up on other fans. A plaster cast worn by His Airness during the 1985-86 NBA season is currently being auctioned online, with an estimated value of $15 grand.

TAIPEI – A group of Taiwanese evangelists is telling parents that kids shouldn’t read Harry Potter novels because they are evil. The group claims the books are full of real demonology, especially Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, because “Azkaban” is a name for the devil.

MIAMI – A Miami man was recently arrested by airport custom officials after they discovered 44 exotic birds stuffed in his pants – a number of which were dead. The man was returning from Cuba and intended to sell the illegally-imported birds for $350 each.

POMPEII, Italy – Restoration is now complete on a series of ancient erotic frescoes that had been buried under volcanic ash in the underground “Pleasure Spa” of Pompeii since Mt. Vesuvius exploded in 79BC. The scandalous pictures depict orgies and female homosexuality.