LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Mama mia! The supposed father of newly-pregnant Elizabeth Hurley’s baby isn’t so sure he’s the proud papa. Business tycoon Steve Bing now wants a Liz to perform a paternity test, according to London’s News of the World tabloid.

NEW YORK – Wonder Bread is celebrating its 80th anniversary by launching its own hot air balloon. It’s a fitting tribute since the Wonder Bread name was inspired by the wonder the company’s president felt seeing a helium balloon back in 1921.

LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. – Later today, a California retirement community will decide whether to ban wind chimes. It may seem like much ado about nothing, but some residents have complained neighbors’ chimes have kept them awake at night during stormy weather.

HOUSTON – A black-and-white Manx cat from Texas has just won the title of “The World’s Most Beautiful Feline” at a show sponsored by the Cat Fanciers Association. Besides not having a tail, the kitty also has an unusual name: “Grand Premier CO-MC Candy Kisses of Caliente.”

WALSALL, England – Curry sauce was the clue that led British police to the four robbers who stole Chinese food from a delivery driver. Officers say they followed a trail of the sauce left by a leaky container to the robbers’ hideout.

LONDON – Folks who suspect their mates are cheating can now get scientific proof thanks to a new chemical “infidelity kit” being sold via the Internet. The kit contains a chemical which turns purple on a garment if it’s tainted with semen. Each test costs $86 and kits can be found at getcheckmate.co.uk.

MEMPHIS – Elvis Presley has been “down at the end of lonely street” since this year’s terrorist attacks. Graceland just laid off 15 percent of its work force because revenues are way down.

WASHINGTON – Chew on this: The Center for Science in the Public Interest says about 13 percent of raw U.S. turkeys carry the salmonella bacteria. The group also claims some turkey processing plants are marketing large numbers of contaminated birds but the USDA won’t publicly reveal the contamination rates at various plants – Happy Thanksgiving!

MANILA – A man was stabbed to death in a karaoke bar in the Philippines recently when he tried to stop a fight that broke out between the audience and a man singing the Frank Sinatra song “My Way.” The audience claimed the singer was singing out of tune.

AUCKLAND, N.Z. – Members of New Zealand’s Maori tribe recently sung the praise of singer Nelly Furtado by greeting her at the Auckland Airport with native songs and dances. It’s a rare honor. The last visitor before Furtado to receive the “powhiri” ritual was Nelson Mandela.